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Your Freedom Mentor Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit Business?

Welcome to my article about Your Freedom Mentor review.

Some of my subscribers have asked me to take a closer look at the Your Freedom Mentor website, so here we are.

I studied this last business opportunity, and now I’m ready to share my honest compensation plan for Your Freedom Mentor

Before you start …

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Your Freedom Mentor Review

When I landed on the website of Your Freedom Mentor, my first thought is that the site web makes very bold statements about the kind of income you can expect to earn.

I thought right off the start it was a scam.

For example, he talks about earning $1074 a day which is highly unrealistic for a beginner regardless of the system they are using.

I also noticed some other suspicious things like the way they say there are limited points available.

This is just a false scarcity used to keep you from leaving the website.

It drives you to decide whether to buy or not, and it’s just a sale you like that Your Freedom Mentor uses to make you buy.

Your Freedom Mentor Review

Here is something else that I find very interesting.

The website actually displays the closing date as any day.

So he says it’s June 11 for me because it’s the day I write this review for the first time. However, I can guarantee that if you’re reading this on another date it will say that you are closing that day.

This is another unethical tactic for you to buy.

In reality, it does not fill me with so much confidence in the system and makes me think that it looks like another fraud similar to my billionaire mentor and the secret society of millionaires.

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How does Your Freedom Mentor work?

What I have told you so far has been only observations and my personal opinion.

I have not really given you anything that tells you what this site does and what business opportunities are behind it, so let’s go into it now.

I progressed through the various steps involved with Your Freedom Mentor and I noticed that the website processes its payments through ClickBetter.

While the good news is that you can easily get a refund from them, the bad news is that many scams seem to come through their website.

Many of the systems I’ve posted on this site actually use ClickBetter so for me this is a red flag scam immediately.

Is Your Freedom Mentor A Scam

I’ll be honest, the videos give you absolutely nothing.

They only talk about how they have this amazing system and that it’s going to get you all this money easily without you actually doing anything.

It sounds certainly impressive, but the reality is far from that.

All this is just exaggerated in sales to get you out of your credit card and buy whatever it offers.

Here’s how it really works …

When you buy in Your Freedom Mentor, you’re buying a funnel that could potentially cost you an arm and a leg.

Well, not literally, but it could cost a lot of money, I’m talking about 5 figures here.

Now you’re probably thinking, “KEEP – How will you cost me 5 digits !?”

Well, do not worry, they will not charge you for that alone, but …

What happens is that you buy in Your Freedom Mentor which is only the beginning.

After that, you are driven by numerous up-sells, including business opportunities with the highest tickets.

So what happens is that you are sold in these high-priced business opportunities, and you could end up spending a lot of money.

If I had not elaborated, and it was a high ticket means expensive.

This is the best way to be honest because some of the best business opportunities have been “high tickets” including those of which I personally have been part, however, it is likely that Your Freedom Mentor promotes the MOBE opportunity that is going to while. And I’ll explain a little more below.

MOBE just recently got shut down, so This program will probably follow soon.

Is Your Freedom Mentor a scam?

Yes and no. I will explain …

Your Freedom Mentor is at your disposal:

  • How many “positions” are available
  • How much do you want to earn
  • “It’s easy”
  • How much it costs
  • a pile of other things … (false dates, etc.)

For these reasons, I say YES your mentor of freedom is a complete scam.

However, on the flip side is a 60-day guarantee satisfied or reimbursed that will really honor IF you talk to ClickBetter.

I am sure that if you send Your Freedom Mentor support e-mail you will probably never receive a reply, but an email to ClickBetter will create a refund for you.

Also, the MOBE opportunity that I mentioned is actually decent but must be for the right person.

It’s not a scam like the other opportunities and websites I’ve exposed, but it’s NOT FOR EVERYONE

I state that in bold because it’s ultimately MOBE is a high-cost affiliate marketing / MLM business.

When you join here is what happens …

You are assigned a coach to guide you in 21 steps. The 21 steps are aimed at doing 2 things that are:

  1. Teaching the business/business model
  2. Selling yourself in the expensive up-sells

You are taught how the business model works and then encouraged to buy the up-sells. Why would you do it? Here are the 2 reasons:

  1. For the education, you get from the products
  2. For the possibility of profits

Yes, the “products” are legitimate, you could say, but they are digital training products / live events.

And then you get the chance to resell them and earn big commissions.

Your Freedom Mentor/MOBE business model is legitimate (MOBE uh, well got shut down so…), but it is also known as a pay-to-play program which is frowned upon by regulators.

It means that you have a comfortable investment with a fair amount of money And you are promoting the same thing that you have subscribed to.

It’s a business model that makes PU make you a lot of money, but it’s not for everyone.

My opinion about it, in general, is mixed because it’s a legitimate operation that has so far passed the test of time (it’s been around for probably 5-6 years) it’s also a high ticket that’s not at all, and it is also promoted by VERY unethical affiliates who put together sites like Your Freedom Mentor that silence people.

It’s like selling someone to the one that works perfectly but telling the person 0-60 in 3 seconds when in reality it takes 6 and gets 50mpg when he gets the only 20mpg. It’s still a GOOD machine, but you’ve lied to by the marketing of the program.

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The Final Verdict Of Your Freedom Mentor

My final honest opinion is this, I do not recommend this program for many reasons.

Firstly, I think the website is thinking about how much money you can make, how easy it will be and how many points are available.

There are no “limited” spots, so it’s just a lie.

Personally, I think there are better options out there to make money.

Additionally, MOBE has recently got shut down by the government and that was Your Freedom Mentor’s main program to funnel people towards, so…

Not recommended.

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