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What Is Manifest FX? Full Review: Is It Worth It?

Welcome to my Manifest FX review.

There is an ever-increasing interest in forex and crypto trading education, and Manifest FX is a company that offers such.

The company prides itself on offering insightful, actionable, and honest trading education content for both Forex and Cryptocurrency traders.

One thing that really struck me about this company is its product; they offer an AI trading bot that you can subscribe to every month and use with your own accounts.

Manifest FX Review

I am personally interested in trying it out because I have heard so much about these trading bots in the last few years.

In my review, you will learn about what Manifest FX is, how it works, what they offer, how you can make money with them, the pros and cons, and if it is a scam or not.

With that said, I hope you enjoy my review!

What Is Manifest FX?

Manifest FX is a trading education company that offers AI software, courses, and coaching on the Forex, and cryptocurrency trading industry.

One of their products is also an AI Trading bot that you can use with your own accounts.

Company Overview

Manifest FX launched sometime in early 2021 (I am assuming) based on the domain name “” being purchased on December 21, 2020, and also have seen videos promoting the company early in 2021 as well.

The address that they have listed on the company website is:

  • 2 Unicorn House St Pancras, Chichester, PO19 7SH, UK
  • To contact support: [email protected]
Manifest FX Founders and Management Team

The company is led by founders Jimmy Bennet and Josh Felts.

Following the founders, they have a management team that includes:

  • Al Edward – Director of education
  • Angus Levie – Binary educator and trader
  • Alyse Amore – Cryptocurrency and stocks educator
  • Gina Judge – Finance coach and educator
  • Curtis Nickerson – Swing trader and harmonics educator

The only one that I have noticed online is Josh Felts. He has hosted live webinars and has built incredibly large teams of distributors in the past in several companies.

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How Does The Manifest FX Company Work?

Manifest FX is not quite an MLM company as some reviewers have reported.

It is more of a subscription-based 2-level compensation plan referral model that includes bonuses and incentives along with their trading bot as their main selling points.

There are 4 subscriptions that you can purchase that all include the AI trading bot and the forex and crypto trading education among other trainings in this area of profit generation.

If you choose to refer people to the program, the company also offer a referral program that offers commissions and bonuses when you refer people and build a downline team.

I will cover how the compensation plan works later on in this review.

What Courses Do Manifest FX Offer?

After joining Manifest FX, the company will give you training courses for your membership along with other benefits and bonuses listed below.

The training courses are split up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses.

  • Trading Basics – Identify products that can be traded on the financial markets; understand unknown terms trading platforms commonly use; don’t make the most common mistakes; and so much more… (not specified what “more” means)
  • Technical Trading – Learn how to apply fundamental analysis and the tools used; learn how to apply technical analysis and how to find trading opportunities; use proven chart patterns & indicators; and so much more… (not specified what “more” means)
  • Strategic Trading – Learn how to use Japanese candlestick patterns; learn how to use Fibonacci trading tools and Elliott wave theory; learn how to use proven trading strategies, and so much more… (not specified what “more” means)

What Is The Manifest FX E-Book?

The Manifest FX e-book is a free 7-page guide written by the company’s founder, Sam Glover.

The e-book offers some insights into a number of fundamental traits and qualities of successful traders, which may or may not prove to be useful for trading education content.

What Services Do Manifest FX Offer?

There are 4 different subscription packages that Manifest FX offers.

All of these subscriptions include forex, and crypto trading software and education content.

Here is a quick breakdown of each one:

  • Design Your Destiny – Access to the design your destiny AI trading software
    and a 60/40 split on all profits generated in favor of Manifest.
  • Platinum Elite – Full Access to the Forex & Crypto Academy, Harmonic Scanner, Crypto & Forex Market Insights, Access to AI Trading Software (Averaging 10-50% RPM), 25% Performance Fee, Binary Options, and Stocks & Shares Analysis
  • Royalty – Full Access to the Forex & Crypto Academy, Harmonic Scanner, Crypto & Forex, Market Insights, Access to 3 AI Trading Software (Averaging 10-50% RPM), 25% Performance Fee, Binary Options, Stocks & Shares Analysis, Financial Education, and a FREE Merch Gift Box
  • The CEO Club – Full Access to the Forex & Crypto Academy, Harmonic Scanner, Crypto & Forex Market Insights, Access to 3 AI Trading Software (Averaging 10-50% RPM), NO Performance Fee (100% Profit Share), Binary Options, Stocks & Shares Analysis, Financial Education, and a FREE Merch Gift Box

These subscriptions all include a trading bot for use with your own accounts as well!

This is one of their main selling points, in my opinion.

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Manifest FX App and Marketing System

Manifest FX App and Marketing System

Along with the training and the trading bot you get with your subscription, you will also get the Manifest FX app that is compatible with Apple and Android.

The manifest FX app will only be offered for members that choose the Platinum Elite membership and higher.

Additionally, the marketing system that Manifest FX offers is for the Royalty and CEO Club memberships only.

  • Platinum Elite – You get the basic features of the Manifest FX app only, which includes live signals with live trading and training sessions.
  • Royalty – You get the full suite of features on the Manifest FX app which includes everything Platinum Elite offers but also Facebook Messenger integration, pro-pre-designed marketing pages, customizable lead, and sales pages, a live 1 on 1 room where you can chat with your prospects, text message system, email broadcast system, team webinar pages, and more.

**The marketing system is not part of the app, it has its own section to access it.

Manifest FX AI Trading Robot Software

Manifest FX offers an AI trading software robot that connects to only one broker.

The broker that their AI software connects to is called LCM-FX.

This is the only broker that is compatible with their trading robot software, so if you use a different broker, you will have to register with LCM-FX to use their trading bot as well.

To get started with LCM-FX, you will need to fill a DTA form, verify your account, fund your account (with at least the minimum investment), and complete the DTA form.

How Much Does Each Package Cost?

Manifest Investment Packages and Cost

Each of the 4 Manifest FX packages have a cost to it, but 3 of the options have either a monthly or yearly cost.

Each package offers more benefits as the price increase as you can see in the section above.

Here is a quick breakdown of the cost for each package that Manifest FX offers.:

  • Design Your Destiny – $1 per month
  • Platinum Elite – $149 per month or $1299 per year
  • Royalty – $229 per month or $1999 per year
  • The CEO Club – $499 per month or $3999

What Are The Ways That You Can Make Money With Manifest FX?

Manifest FX Rewards Plan AI Software Profit and Compensation Plan

In this section of my Manifest FX review, we are going to take a look at the ways that you can make money with the opportunity they offer.

Manifest FX offers 2 main ways that you can make money with their service.

Best Offer

This includes:

  • Through the FX Trading Education and AI Trading Robot
  • Through the referral program

Getting Started and FX Trading Income

To get started, you will need to find someone that is promoting Manifest FX.

You would register your account and then choose a monthly package that you want.

After you join, you will then get access to your packages and software.

The forex and crypto training among other training and webinars is what you can apply to earn income.

The other way is by using the AI trading software that is reported to earn a profit each day.

The trading robot software does lose trades, but overall, what is reported is that it produces a positive profit to be more exact.

Now, they also don’t specify (on some of the webinars that I watched) on the number of trades are needed to make a positive profit either, so take that into consideration also.

Referral Program

The Manifest FX referral program offers referral commissions, bonus commissions, and incentives for building a team in the company’s referral program.

Here are some of the highlighted ways that the referral program works:

  • Referral Commissions
  • Profit Share
  • Profit Pool Commission Rewards
  • Rewards

Referral and Residual Commissions

Manifest FX pays on 1 level of new members and 2 levels of residual commissions.

However, you will have to qualify to earn second-level commissions by enrolling at least 5 active members that maintain a monthly subscription.

Additionally, the membership level will also determine the percentage of earning you will earn.

Furthermore, in order to earn recurring referral commissions, you must have a subscription to the Platinum Elite level at the minimum.

Here is a breakdown of the 1st level, or personal recurring income that you can earn when you are on these monthly plans below:

  • Platinum Elite – Earn a $50 one-time referral commission plus 15% on your personal or 1st level referrals monthly renewals.
  • Royalty – Earn a $70 one-time referral commission plus 20% on your personal or 1st level referrals monthly renewals.
  • The CEO Club – Earn a $100 one-time referral commission plus 20% on your personal or 1st level referrals monthly renewals.

***BONUS – Once you refer 5 people, your percentage on your first level monthly renewals increases by 5%.

Global Bosses Pool Commissions

If you are able to personally sponsor 10 Platinum Elite or higher members in a single month, you will be entered into the global bonus pool.

This will take 3% of the global monthly sales profit and split it with everyone that qualifies.

Rewards Plan

Manifest FX also will give their members that share the program with others incentives.

These are physical or cash rewards. The prizes will be determined by the number of people you personally refer to the program with a membership level of Platinum Elite or higher.

You and your members must also be active members for at least 30 days in Manifest FX.

With that covered, here is the breakdown of what you can earn with the rewards plan they offer:

  • Refer 10 members – Earn either AirPods Pro & P2L merch or $200 in cash as your reward bonus.
  • Refer 25 members – Earn either a MacBook Pro or $1,250 in cash as your reward bonus.
  • Refer 50 members – Earn either an iMac or $2,500 in cash as your reward bonus.
  • Refer 100 members – Earn either a $5000 shopping spree or $4,000 in cash as your reward bonus.
  • Refer 250 members – Earn either a Rolex or $6000 in cash as your reward bonus.
  • Refer 500 members – Earn either a 7-Star Hotel Dubai Trip or $10,000 in cash as your reward bonus.
  • Refer 1000 members – Earn either a 6 Continent World Trip or $20,000 in cash as your reward bonus.
  • Refer 2500 members – Earn either a Mercedes G Wagon or Range Rover or $75,000 in cash as your reward bonus.
  • Refer 5000 members – Earn either a Lamborghini or Ferrari or $150,000 in cash as your reward bonus.

That is really everything there is about how you can make money with the Manifest FX opportunity, with that covered, let’s continue.

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Here are some of the positive things that I found with the Manifest FX opportunity:

  • The company appears to be a well-run opportunity.
  • They offer an in-demand product along with valuable education in forex and cryptocurrency.
  • Profit generated from your referral commissions is paid out 2 times per month.
  • The referral program appears to be another highlight that offers some great bonuses and incentives that could produce excitement and growth.
  • A clean-looking website is a good plus for any company, and Manifest FX does offer this too.


Here are some things that I have concerns about with their opportunity:

  • There is not really a refund policy. They do offer a 72-hour refund policy, but what is that? I don’t feel this is a substantial amount of time for anyone to test out their service to see if they work and are worth your investment.
  • You can only withdraw your profits with the AI software once a month.
  • There is a company called IMMasteryAcademy that used to offer a similar software included with their packages that since been removed when they got a warning from a government branch that said they needed to be licensed to offer it along with their business model, I believe that this can also cause an issue later down the road for Manifest FX.

Is Manifest FX Safe and Not A Scam?

Is Manifest FX Safe Or Is It A Scam

At this time, and in my opinion, Manifest FX does not appear to be a scam, and does appear to be safe in the sense of it having a solid business model.

With that said, with any investment opportunity, there are always risks involved with you losing money.

With Manifest FX, you can lose money when you use the AI trading bot software with it making bad trades, and you also risk not making any money with the referral program.

The referral program success you will have depends on your experience with promotion, and the action that is taken towards promoting a business opportunity.

Overall, I see it as being safe, but know the risks before you decide to join.

Conclusion: Manifest FX Review – Is This Trading Bot And Opportunity Worth It?

In the last section of my Manifest FX review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation with you.

Overall, I believe that Manifest FX is a legit company.

It has a good business model that could be profitable for some that take advantage of the opportunities and bonuses it offers.

The only concern that I have about this company is that it could be at risk for getting warning letters or worse, being shut down for not having the proper licensing they need to offer their AI software.

If that would happen, all they would have to do is get rid of the software, but that software is part of the attraction of the opportunity, so we will not know what type of effect that will have on their business if or when that happens.

In the case of IM Mastery Academy, they did take a hit, but then came back, so only time will tell.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Manifest FX review.

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Additionally, leave a comment below with your thoughts or questions about Manifest FX below before you go.

Thank you for your support!

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