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How Does WaterMine Work And Is It Legit? Full Review

Welcome to my WaterMine review.

Cryptocurrency is an exciting and new industry with the potential to not only change the way we do commerce, but also help us manage our wealth in the future.

But how can you make money in cryptocurrency?

Well, there are many ways to make money in cryptocurrency from mining or trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

WaterMine Review

Some websites allow you to trade digital tokens with other people without ever taking ownership of them, while others allow you to buy and sell digital tokens of companies on a stock exchange.

WaterMine claims that they are promising that they can earn you a 2.6% ROI on your investment with various strategies like trading and mining crypto.

But is it true?

I am going to cover information about how WaterMine works, the products they offer, how you can make money with them, and if they are legit.

What Is WaterMine?

What Is WaterMine

According to their website, WaterMine is a revolutionary trading and mining platform with a team of professional traders that are going to help you earn a promised ROI in cryptocurrency trading and mining.

The specially designed algorithm creates profitable trading opportunities every day by keeping track of currency pairs and searching for high returns when there is sufficient volume in the market across all exchanges.

This is how the company explains how they are generating returns for their members.

Company Details

When it comes to company details, there is not much.

What I found is that Marcel Werner is listed as the owner of WaterMine and the company is listed to be based out of the UK.

Here is the information that the company provides on their website about their location and listing:

  • Watermine LTD UK Registered Company #12731702
  • The company address is listed at 31 Lonsdale Road Queen’s Park, London, United Kingdom, NW6 6RA
  • The company support email is – [email protected]

When doing some digging, the domain name “” was registered on 7-5-2020.

When trying to find out more information about Marcel on the internet, I could not find any information about this person other than on the UK registration document where I originally found that name.

With that covered, let’s continue.

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How Does WaterMine Work?

How Does WaterMine Work

Here are the steps on how WaterMine works:

Step 1. Register

The first is to register and create your member account with WaterMine.

Step 2. Invest

The second step is to choose one of Hashpower contracts they offer and then make an investment.

Step 3. Mining Begins

The third step simply says to sit back and watch the mining process start and see coins being mined live in your account.

Step 4. Receive Your Coins

The fourth step is to basically sit back and wait for your coins to reach your account. There is a minimum coin release of $1.

What Services Do WaterMine Offer?

WaterMine Investment Contracts

In this section of my WaterMine review, I am going to cover the services that they offer.

The company offers investment packages where they are going to promise you a certain ROI based on the contract package that you choose.

They call these investment packages Hashpower mining contracts.

The contracts are all 3 months and range from an investment cost between $10 to $2,500.

The ROI percentages on your investment range from 2% to 2.6%.

The profit is paid out daily to you according to the company website.

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How Do You Make Money With WaterMine?

WaterMine Referral Compensation Plan Chart

In this section of my WaterMine review, I am going to cover the ways that you can make money with the company.

There are 2 ways that you can make money with WaterMine which are:

  • Through their Hashpower contracts
  • Their referral affiliate program

Getting Started and ROI Hashpower Contracts Payouts

There are 4 “Hashpower” contracts that you can get started with.

All of these contracts offer a promised return on your investment (ROI) for a 3-month period of time and pays you the profit daily in the form of mined coins.

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Here is a breakdown of the packages that they offer:

  • Starter Investment Contract – To join the 30-day Starter contract, you will need to invest $10 to $99. This contract promises members a 2% daily ROI.
  • Advanced Investment Contract – To join the 30-day Advanced contract, you will need to invest $100 to $999. This contract promises members a 2.2% daily ROI.
  • Premium Investment Contract – To join the 30-day Premium contract, you will need to invest $1,000 to $2,499. This contract promises members a 2.4% daily ROI.
  • Golden Investment Contract – To join the 30-day Golden contract, you will need to invest a minimum of $2,500. This contract promises members a 2.6% daily ROI.

Referral Affiliate Commissions

Along with the promised ROI profits that WaterMine offers, they also offer referral commissions that are paid to you from your referrals investments.

The commissions model is a 4 tier referral program that is structured using the MLM unilevel.

This is where the argument can be made that they are also an MLM program based on the referral compensation plan model they are using.

According to the company website, it doesn’t matter what contract you invest in, you will earn the same percentage on each level as long as you make an investment.

Here is a breakdown of the amount of money that you will earn from your referrals investments:

  • Level 1 Referrals – These referrals are your personally referred members. You will earn 8% on their investments.
  • Level 2 Referrals – These are the referrals that your level 1 people referred. You will earn 6% on their investments.
  • Level 3 Referrals – These are the referrals that your level 2 people referred. You will earn 4% on their investments.
  • Level 4 Referrals – These are the referrals that your level 3 people referred. You will earn 2% on their investments.

That is everything to know about how to make money with the WaterMine company, with that covered, let’s continue.


Some of the pros that I found about are:

  • The promised daily ROI I would say is a great pro!
  • Not having to sell or recruit to earn a profit.
  • The ability to earn money from home with WaterMine is a pro.
  • The additional benefit of WaterMine offerring a referral program to earn more money on top of the promised ROI is another pro.


Some of the cons that I found about are:

  • The persona listed on the UK registration, “Marcel” appears to be a mystery person that cannot be found online.
  • The promise of a certain ROI from any company usually means something is sketchy.
  • WaterMine offers a multi-level compensation plan as their referral program which requires an MLM classified company to offer retail sales or services which they do not.

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Is WaterMine Safe and Legit?

Is WaterMine Safe

To be honest with you, I can’t say that it is safe or if WaterMine is an investment scam at this time.

The reason for this is because that company is too new, and I can’t find any information on who is running the company.

Additionally, I find it extremely hard to believe how any company can promise a certain amount of ROI and still be legit.

The majority of companies that I reviewed that claimed they offer a promised ROI usually end up shutting down due to not being able to sustain their returns or shutting down.

I can’t make any claims that this is a bad company, but I can’t say it is a safe company at this time.

With that said, let’s finish up.

Conclusion: How Does WaterMine Work And Is It Legit? Full Review

In the last section of my WaterMine review, I am going to share my personal opinion and recommendation about this company and if you should invest with them.

Here are my thoughts…

It is purely computerized, and they claim that there are no human influence, emotions, or feelings involved.

But this cannot be 100% true to generate a consistent and reliable return.

There are too many variables when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

The market is great one day and then turns into a rollercoaster the next.

So in my opinion, this is just a trick to fool you that robots are behind their platform.

What I believe is that they are taking on new investors to pay out the existing investors and the ROI can only be sustained for so long before the company can’t pay out anymore.

The reason for my opinion is this…

The company is not transparent, and who knows who is really behind the company?

There is no solid data about the Director named Marcel online anywhere?

Now, with that said, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are simply so new that not all of the information about this company is not released by the company yet.

I hope that they will turn out to be an amazing opportunity that will be around for a long time but at this time I cannot recommend them due to the issues that I found.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my WaterMine review.

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