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The Wealth Network Review – Scam or Legit? Compensation Plan Breakdown

Welcome to The Wealth Network review.

One of the questions that we would want to learn about before jumping into any opportunity is if the opportunity is a scam or not.

We wouldn’t want to join a company just to find out later on it was not legitimate and end up losing all the money and time we invested into it.

We are going to take a close look at the information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan to help us learn is it a legitimate business or a scam.

The Wealth Network Review

I decided to take a closer look because of some of the promotions that I’ve seen online about the opportunity and wanted to learn more about it.

With that said, let’s dive down and see what we can find.

The Wealth Network Company Overview

In this section of the review, we are going to cover the Wealth Network company information.

The company is run by 3 guys.

The Wealth Network Company Owners and Founders

The names are Aaron Andrews, Josh Jacobs, and Jesse Singh.

They launched the Wealth Network back in 2017 that offered Amazon FBA training and was being sold for $49.95 per month and then another $150 per month at the next training level.

This apparently wasn’t selling or doing too well, so they decided to quickly change it up.

They now offer the program for $3 to get started, I’ve seen some promoting it for $1, so there might be a trial offer offered now as well.

The $3 will get you limited access to the program that will give you limited training on how to sell on the Amazon FBA platform, you will need to upgrade in order to get the more “in-depth” training.

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The Wealth Network Products Review

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at the Wealth Network products they offer.

The Wealth Network Products Review

The Wealth Network offers a couple of products that help you earn with the Amazon FBA program.

Basically, you are going to learn how to make money through the Amazon Marketplace by selling your own products.

This can be very difficult if you don’t know how to start a business online let alone starting a business through Amazon, so these types of training programs are always a great idea to help people earn money online.

The first product the Wealth Network offers is…

The Wealth Network 3 Day Pay System

With this system, you will get your very own one-on-one advisor to help get you all set-up and running on the Amazon FBA program along with helping you to earn more money with the product you end up selling.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is finding popular products that people are already buying and through this system, you will learn how to do a better job, and make more money selling similar types of products.

Selling through Amazon is a great way to earn money online when you figure out how.

Amazon does all the customer service, returns, and shipping for you.

The claim that the company makes is that they have students earning between 20% and 40% profit per item sold.

One of the things you must pay attention to is your inventory, once you have a product that is selling well, you have to make sure Amazon has the inventory that you purchase and send it to them to make sure it stays stocked.

The opportunity also has another system that is called…

The Wealth Network Journey

This is a program that will cost $1997 one-time.

The program will consist of teachers that have done well over 6 and 7 figures selling on the Amazon FBA program.

In this program, you will get a one-on-one personal advisor to make sure you become successful by basically telling you what to do.

Basically, a no-brainer, but out of reach for some folks.

Smart Funnels

The Wealth Network also offers training on what they call “smart funnels” which is a software tool that will let you build landing pages.

This includes training on blogging that will train you on how to get your “smart funnels” landing pages on your blog website for marketing.

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The Wealth Network Compensation Plan Breakdown

The Wealth Network Compensation Plan Breakdown

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at the Wealth Network compensation plan and how you make money with it.

The Wealth Network is an affiliate marketing program meaning that they only offer 2 tiers max of compensation.

When you refer someone to the $3 entry you will earn 40% commissions.

For the higher tier training that will cost $1997, the company will pay you 25% in commissions with 20% going to the personal trainer/advisor that you get for that level.

And that is all there is to the compensation plan.

If you are looking to refer people to this affiliate program, there is some money to be made, but the only people you are going to be referring to the Wealth Network are going to be people that want to learn how to make money with Amazon FBA program which is perfectly fine but limited to main customers.

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The Wealth Network FAQ

In this section of the review, we are going to answer some of the questions that a person might have when thinking about joining the Wealth Network opportunity.

Is The Wealth Network BBB Accredited?

The Wealth Network is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

However, I was able to locate a page that has some information on the Wealth Network with a rating but without any accreditation.

You can find the listing here.

So, basically what this usually means when they have a listing and some type of rating but without accreditation, the company failed to respond to a complaint that someone posted on the BBB website.

This does not make a company a scam company or even a legitimate one anymore like it once did.

The BBB has been known to have manipulated ratings and reviews by 3rd party companies which is why I don’t take the BBB website that seriously.

I do however look at additional company information and compare notes on the reviews and testimonials the BBB offers if any.

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Wealth Network?

The cost to join the Wealth Network opportunity is going to cost you a hefty $3 to get started.

However, gaining access to the main meat and potatoes training and support will cost you $1997.

The higher price will offer one-on-one support and additional training that most people need in order to make Amazon FBA work.

The next section of the review will answer a question that many of you are here for today which is…

Is The Wealth Network A Scam?

Is The Wealth Network A Scam or Legit

In my opinion, The Wealth Network is not a scam.

However, the program doesn’t seem to be up and running as of right now, and not sure why this is?

If the program was shut-down due to legal reasons then I was wrong in calling it not a scam but it could be due to website or hosting issues.

There is no information as of right now that I can find on the issue.

When trying to find an affiliate with a link to learn more, every website that I went to brought up a 404 error.

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My Final The Wealth Network Review and Thoughts

In this final section of the review, we are going to take a look at my final thoughts about the Wealth Network opportunity.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about the Wealth Network.

They offer a straight-forward product with a one-on-one training advisor that is basically going to hold you by the hand so that you can make money with Amazon FBA.

Sure, the price to get everything you will want out of the training and support will be high for many people but if you can learn to pull in 6 figures per year through the Amazon FBA program, then I feel it is well worth the price.

There is an issue, but I deal with a few hosting companies, and I know as of right now, there are a few ISP’s that are having issues with a few hosting companies where some people are not able to view websites.

Now, I am not 100% sure if this is the case, or if they shut the Wealth Network down due to legalities, or simply because there was not enough demand?

Either way, as of right now I can’t access any of the affiliate pages that the Wealth Network offers.

I can access the homepage which makes me believe the program is probably shut-down right now.

Either way, here is the question…

Would I recommend the Wealth Network?

Yes, I would recommend it to those that can afford it, and also have to understand it is going to make additional money to buy products and set up your funnel and web pages.

Make sure you understand it is going to cost around 3k to get started along with the Wealth Network training.

I hope you enjoyed my The Wealth Network review.

Make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page to share it with others so that people can learn exactly what the Wealth Network is really all about.

Thank you!

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