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Swizz Trade Review: Is it A Scam or Legit Money Making Opportunity?

Welcome to my Swizz Trade review.

The internet has become a money-making machine for many people.

The old days of having to save up your pennies and painstakingly invest them in something you hope will pay off are long gone.

Now, anyone can be their own boss and create an income through the internet.

Swizz Trade Review

Can Swizz Trade be one such opportunity that lets you make money while not having to refer 1 person?

In this review, we’ll take a look at how Swizz Trade works and what they offer to investors.

We will also investigate if it’s legit or not-and most importantly-whether or not the investment is worth your time!

With that said, let’s dig into the details.

What Is Swizz Trade?

What Is Swizz Trade

Swizz Trade is an investment platform that will provide a guaranteed return on your Bitcoin investment.

They call this platform their “SwizzTrade Investment Network”.

The company uses cryptocurrency mining and trading of BTC to generate profit for their member’s investments.

How Does It Work?

The Swizz Trade system will invest your money in Bitcoin with (what they say) 100% security without any risk to you to earn a promised ROI.

The investment platform is easy to use. It does not require a credit check, and it does not need any money upfront or any other kind of collateral.

Anyone who has access to their email account, Bitcoins, and the internet can use this investment platform!

Additionally, if you’d rather trade yourself, there are instructions inside the site detailing how this can be done as well.

I’m not sure whether this is automated or manual.

Company Details

One of the things that I find really important when researching any new investment opportunity is to learn about the owner.

This will give me some details about their history and how they’ve fared in different situations, which can help with decision-making for myself or my clients.

To gain a better understanding of an unfamiliar company’s potential future prospects, it is necessary to consider its past successes and what has previously failed under said business’s purview.

Unfortunately, there is no information that I was able to find on the company website about who runs Swizz Trade.

This is a concerning omission, as it makes me question whether this business will have the necessary experience to go toe-to-toe with their competition.

It’s hard not to be disappointed when I continue reading and find that they don’t mention how Swizz Trade manages its customer service team or what type of security measures are in place for user data.

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The Products or Services That SwizzTrade Offers

Swizz Trade Investment Packages

In this section of my Swizz Trade review, I am going to tell you all about the various products and services that they offer.

Swizz Trade is a trading platform that promises to make it easy for users to generate consistent returns by executing their own trades in the Forex market.

They claim this can be done with no need to invest any of one’s hard-earned money, as all transactions are carried out using virtual funds known as SwizzBucks.

Of course, you will still have to make an investment that will have to be converted into SwizzBucks.

The company asserts that traders will be able to use these virtual bucks whenever they want and trade from anywhere at any time without having to worry about encountering an obstacle or difficulty along the way.

On top of this, SwizzTrade purports its system makes trading more convenient than what other systems offer because they don’t require you to have a trader account: all trading activity takes place through your personal account.

If that sounds complicated, I believe all the promised ROI that is generated is done automatically for their members.

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Additionally, there are no retail products or services that the company offers, they only offer the investment opportunity.

With that covered, let’s continue.

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The Swizz Trade Investment Packages and Compensation Plan Details

Swizz Trade Affiliate Referral Program Compensation Plan

Now, in this section of my SwizzTrade review, let’s cover the investment packages that they offer along with the compensation plan details.

There are 2 ways that you can make money with the Swizz Trade opportunity that includes:

  • ROI Profits
  • Affiliate Commissions

Investment Packages and ROI

According to the company website, there are 3 affordable investment packages that they offer.

Here is a quick breakdown of each one and the promised ROI each investment level offers:

  • Level 1 – The Daily Plan will require an investment of between $1,000 to $14,999 to get started. This level offers a daily ROI of 5%.
  • Level 2 – The Weekly Plan will require an investment of between $15,000 to $49,999 to get started. This level offers a weekly ROI of 10%.
  • Level 3 – The Monthly Plan will require an investment of between $50,000 to 1 Million to get started. This level offers a monthly ROI of 50%.

There is no mention of how long this ROI will be paid out on the company website.

Affiliate Compensation Plan Details

The affiliate compensation plan is a 1 level commission structure.

Swizz Trade offers $2 referral commissions along with a 7% commission for your personally referred/sponsored investment amount.

That is really all there is to what SwizzTrade offers with their investment packages and how the affiliate program works.

With that said, let’s continue.

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The Pros Of Swizz Trade are:

  • No monthly fees
  • High paying ROI profits
  • The addition of earning additional income from referrals

Cons Of Swizz Trade are:

  • A high investment is required to start.
  • No customer support offered for this service.
  • The affiliate program has a limited payout structure.
  • There is no mention of how long ROI will last on their website thus it is unknown if customers can expect this for life or just an undisclosed period of time.

This leaves potential investors feeling like they may not have made the best decision by signing up with them because without knowing what length ROI will provide then there’s no way to know if it will be worth it in the long run.

No customer support offered for this service and high investment means no one would recommend investing in Swizz Trade because it seems like all risks outweigh the benefits when looking at what is being offered.

Is Swizz Trade A Scam?

Is Swizz Trade A Scam or Legit Opportunity

After looking through all of the information, I can’t say that Swizz Trade is a scam at this time.

However, I have found issues with aspects of the business model.

  • One of the issues is the lack of good customer support which is critical to any business model that requires a high investment.
  • Another issue that I find concerning is that lack of transparency with the owner of the company.
  • The last and main issue would have to be whether they are legally required to have a license to offer their investment packages in the countries they are doing business in.

I will share my final thoughts and recommendation about SwizzTrade in the next and final section of my review.

In Conclusion Of My Swizz Trade Review

In the final section of my Swizz Trade review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation about the opportunity.

I have shared the information that I gathered about the company, the investment packages, and other ways that you can make money with SwizzTrade.

At this point of my review, you should have a good idea about what SwizzTrade offers and how it works.

But here is the question…

Would I Recommend Swizz Trade?

You have all the information that you need to make an informed decision on whether it is the right opportunity for you.

If you were to ask me if I would join…

Swizz Trade is a money-making opportunity that is not worth it because the risks do not outweigh the benefits.

Since they have no customer support offered and high investment, then I would recommend anyone looking to invest in something that you should look elsewhere for a better option.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Swizz Trade review.

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Thank you for your support!

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