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Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickard’s Review – Is it A Scam?

Hello and welcome to my Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickard’s review.

Is Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards a scam?

This is one of the questions that we are going to take a closer look into and get some definite answers to.

We are going to take a look at what Strategic Intelligence is and how it works, who exactly is Jim Rickards with some background information, and finally, discuss whether or not it is a scam.

I saw a few ads about Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence and wanted to see what it was all about.

I decided to take the time to look into it and wanted to publish what I’ve found here on my site to help anyone that wants more information about this program to see if it truly is worth it.

So let’s take a closer look and see if Strategic Intelligence is exactly what Jim Rickards is saying it is, or a total scam designed to steal your money.

The first section of my review will cover an overview of what Strategic Intelligence is.

Let’s dive down and get started.

Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards Review

The USD will be replaced by one world currency according to Jim Rickards.

This is what Jim is supposed to help you safeguard your finances with when this happens.

Strategic Intelligence is supposedly going to safeguard the value that you have in currency by providing solutions for you now

when the one world currency happens and collapses the dollar.

But is the program really designed to help you or “cash in” on the thought that this “might” happen?

Does Jim Rickards really want to help you, or simply take your money?

If you live in the United States then you are probably very familiar with the economic recession we all went through back in 2008.

Jim Rickards is predicting that the US dollar will eventually fall and affect the US currency in a very bad way.

He is not just preaching these statements without his reasoning behind his warnings, he is giving his explanation as to why he sees this one world currency is going to happen.

Jim Rickard is not the only one that is making these bold claims, I’ve found several websites that discuss this scenario that it might happen and is going to happen.

According to Jim, there are things happening in the background that governing bodies are planning to replace all currency into a one-world currency.

It is well known that governments around the world use the US dollar as the standard for the measure of what country currency values are.

This is actually due to the solid fact that the US currency has been very stable compared to other currencies around the world which have usually been inconsistent throughout the years in the market when you see the research.

Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickard's Review

James Rickards claims that the US Dollar is not the same that it once was and that is why he believes the International Monetary Fund has been planning a new currency as a standard “one world currency”.

He also states that when this happens that banks all over the world will empty out the US dollar to make room for this new world currency which will then be the demise of the precious dollar that we all hold value for in the US.

If this happens, this will mean that all of our savings and the money in our wallets will take a huge hit in value as well.

No one is anticipating this collapse of the dollar (except Jim and a few others) and not taking any measures to protect themselves if this economic crisis happens, and that is where Jim Rickards and his Strategic Intelligence come in to help.

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Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards Overview

There has been some talk about the next global economic change and when you hear talks about that, how do you go about safeguarding yourself and your family if this becomes a reality and strikes you close to home?

Well, never fear everyone, Jim Rickards is here to help.

But in order for him to help, you need to subscribe to his monthly newsletter called Strategic Intelligence.

According to Jim Rickard his Strategic Intelligence Newsletter, is jam-packed with vital and little-known strategies to safeguard you if such tragedies happen.

It offers the necessary financial advice and safeguards exclusively for US citizens.

The Strategic Intelligence newsletter by Jim Rickards includes the monthly newsletter, videos, an app that you can download from the app store both in IOS and Android, and also includes additional published books that are supposedly designed to help you protect yourself from the collapse of the dollar.

According to Jim, there is a real cause for concern but with his help and his program, you will not have to worry because his monthly newsletter is the answer.

It provides financial investing and additional safeguards from future catastrophes.

When asked how soon will the demise of the dollar happen?

Well, no one really knows, but the whole premise behind his program is for you to invest in gold.

He claims that gold will remain stable in value and may increase in value when this collapse happens.

In the next section of my review, I want to cover information about the man himself, Jim Rickards.

Who Is Jim Rickards?

Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickard's Reviews

So is Jim Rickards a guy that we can trust or is he just trying to scam us out of our hard-earned money?

Well, let’s go through a bit of background on Jim.

Jim is an international lawyer who is very educated and as you can tell by some of the work I will list, also a very passionate person on the topic of the world economy and currency patterns.

He is the author of the books Currency Wars and The Death of Money that has both hit the New York Bestseller list.

He also created a financial early warning system for the Pentagon and the CIA and is considered in some circles a “CIA insider”.

Jim Rickards says that he is bringing that same intelligence and strategies to the American public with his Strategic Intelligence monthly newsletter program.

As you can see, Jim Rickard has a stellar pedigree and is someone that many can trust.

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How Does Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards Work?

Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards works in 3 ways which are:

  • Invest 10% of your earning into Gold
  • Avoid Shares that might put damage to your portfolios if they should hold them for the long term.
  • And 3rd is to invest in International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is the currency that Jim Rickards claims will eventually become the one (main) world currency.

When you take the plunge and subscribe to his monthly newsletter with the additional perks, Jim will give regular financial advice and predictions on how the next financial crisis will happen.

You will also get ideas from financial advisors and actionable financial steps and investment ideas you should take from the program director David Stevenson.

Is Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence a Scam?

No Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickard is not a scam.

Is Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards A Scam

There are not a lot of people out there that have the pedigree and background that Jim Rickards has.

If Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards was a scam do you think the CIA would hire him for financial advice?

I don’t think so.

The CIA has a very strict background check that they do, and if they find any little thing you will not get any kind of clearance.

Jim is a very smart and educated person on the world currency and has the resume to prove it.

Even though I shared some dry humor in my review in the prior sections, I don’t see any indication within my research that Jim Rickards or his Strategic Intelligence is a scam.

I wouldn’t just brush off what he is saying and take his advice when it comes to safeguarding from any future financial crisis.

It happened before, and I have no doubt that it will happen again.

With the kind of destruction that Jim is saying will happen…

Well, I’m not sure that will happen to that degree, but I am not a financial expert so there is that.

There are some pros about his program that I would like to point out before I close.

Here are some good points that I found about his program.


  • The program does offer a free trial subscription to members. So if it not what you thought it was going to be or if you found it not worth it and you can cancel anytime before the free trial ends.
  • The program is straight to the point outlining the 3 steps to safeguard your finances that I lined out earlier in my review.
  • 35 years of experience with a resume that backs up the knowledge that he is sharing in his newsletter subscription.
  • The Strategic Intelligence program by Jim Rickards is offered worldwide thanks to the internet.
  • Strategic Intelligence also offers an app that is easy to use.

Overall, not a scam and provides value for the subscription cost.

The cost of the subscription is what the creator feels the course is worth.

Whether you feel it is at the right price or not is your personal opinion, and you do have every right to make that judgment.

But that doesn’t make a program a scam.


  • If you are involved with capital investment, the program may not be right for you.
  • Unfortunately, the world wide web is full of information and as a result much of what Jim Rickards shares can be found online.

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How Much Does Strategic intelligence by Jim Rickards Cost?

It will be $80 per year to receive the monthly subscription with additional perks.

My Final Strategic Intelligence Review and Thoughts

If you feel that you have the obligations and the funds to start taking action and start investing to safeguard you from a financial crisis in the future, then Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards might be a great choice.

The program offers regular monthly advice from highly experienced financial experts.

If you feel that this is right for you, then go ahead and sign-up, I am sure that you will get a great education out of it.

Or if you think this is a scam just to take people’s money from them per year, then simply pass on it.

You now have all the facts and details of my Strategic Intelligence review, the choice is yours now.

I hope you enjoyed my review on the Strategic Intelligence program the Jim Rickards offer, please share it by clicking on the social buttons on this page so you can help out other people that might be interested in Jim’s program as well.

Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickard’s Review – Is it A Scam?”

  1. $80 sounds like a deal. I paid more than twice that. Also, personally seen 30% returns based on hist stock picks

  2. Going to try it! Will see.
    What I wish I could find is an investment group where say you
    had $500.00 to invest and try some of his stocks in gold, silver, and marijuana. Gain experience in the stock buying and selling and learning shorts and ?.

  3. This was very helpful.
    The offer I received today also included stock pics on gold mining companies. When I subscribed however, I received a message that there was an error and that I would have to contact a US based phone number. Since I live in Europe this would be inconvenient. I have asked them to email me as to how to proceed. Did so just a moment ago so am awaiting a reply. The subscription cost $49 US.

  4. I was charged $49.00 + $2.94 back on 4/28/2020 for this product and was told that I would be receiving “several emails giving you instructions on how to take advantage of all your exclusive reader benefits”. The ‘Secure Order Form’ also said that “Over the next several days, I’ll personally guide you through exactly how to take advantage of all your subscriber-only benefits and even provide you with essential resources to assist you in making the most of your subscription. There’s a ton of material to get you started…and much more to come every single week …”. PLEASE note that, as of today, 5/28/2020, I have not received anything from Jim Rickards. Please advise, I will be checking this site for comments to my posting.


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