Social Profimatic Review – Scam? Compensation Plan Revealed

Welcome to my Social Profimatic review and Compensation Plan overview.

Is Social Profimatica Scam?

This is one of the questions that we are going to look into today and also look at information about the company, the owner, the products, and the compensation plan.

This is the last crypto MLM company to come and I decided to find out what it was.

Some say it’s legitimate while others call it a scam, but I’ll put all the voices to silence and I’ll tell you how it is really.

Social Profimatic Review


This is because I will guide you through the company, the compensation plan, and products and review them so you can make the right decision.

Making the wrong decision here will cost you money and time.

And you do not want that to be the case, right?


Ok, so you need to make sure to pay close attention and read this all the way to the end.

Social Profimatic – The Company

Social Profimatic has no information on who runs the company or possesses it.

A big red flag in my guidelines.

There is no reason why the company owner’s information should not be on the website and should be transparent.

This is especially important when dealing with cryptocurrency companies due to the history that they have in the MLM space and the negative press that they get.

So, yes, not a good sign when just starting out this review.

The next step was to check into the domain, and when the domain was registered.

The website of Social Profimatic, “” was registered on February 18, 2018.

Social Profimatic Products

  • Social Profimatic has no products or services, but you can promote affiliate affiliation.
  • Nothing was found other than the opportunity to make money with their business model.

Other than the business plan, or commission structure that the company offered, they do not offer of any kind that I can find, not even digital training guides.

Social Profitmatic Compensation Plan

Social Profimatic Review of the Compensation Plan

Social Profimatic is structured in a revenue-sharing type of compensation plan that also has an MLM pay structure aspect to it.

Social Profimatic members have added $10 or more to Bitcoin or Litecoin on a promise of 8% ROI daily.

I could not find limits to investment limits.

Social Profimatic uses a unilevel compensation plan and members are paid a percentage of their member investment downlines:

  • 10% to level 1 (sponsored members personally)
  • 3% at level 2

Basically, the way to earn more commissions with this particular payment plan is to sponsor more people into the business.

Cost to Join Social Profimatic

The cost to join Social Profimatic is free to join but you will need a $10 minimum to join.

You can also sponsor people in the business and earn commissions.

Social Profimatic Review of Cost To Join


It is completely free to signup to Social Profimatic but that doesn’t allow you to be part of the revenue sharing commission getting the side of things.

In order to start making money, it will require a minimum investment of $10 of your own money.

With that situation completed, you are able to acquire 8% every hour.

That guarantee is another sign that this is not a legit business opportunity.

There is no maximum deposit, so anyone would be able to put in as much money as they would like.

Another red flag is that they are using digital money as their way to fund your account and not because it is so cool but it has been said that this is their way to work around the regulators.

When the company first launched it was said that they were using PayPal as a payment processor until PayPal realized what they were dealing with.

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My Final Social Profimatic Review and Thoughts

Apparently, Social Profimatic does their ROI goes through a highly profitable secondary business:

Over the past 8 years, we have developed a huge inventory of social media resources, profiles and other socialized advertising space. that our system holds or buys wholesale that can be sold to business owners on demand

If it is true, then Social Profimatic can increase profits by 3000% + year just by using the system that they put together themselves.

Why would they need investments from affiliates?

In addition, you can say what you are doing to make an ROI, but PROOF is another.

So far they have not shown that it is true …

In addition, the owners are not where to find and not to invest in anything unless you know who is running it.

Want to know what’s really going on?

The newly invested funds are paying the existing members who make that great ROI.

In other words.

Not good!

Is Social Profimatic A Scam?

Many people try to tell you that the owner is very sincere and he cares about his members, but at the end of the working day, this whole place is nothing but a Ponzi scheme.

I don’t care what the owners of these sites try to do to keep them afloat, there is no doubt that this program will not last.

In the end, someone will eventually lose and it is not going to be the owners of this company or the people at the top either.

Those that get in the last moments in hopes that they can be making such an 8% profit every hour will be the ones who will see lose out on their money.

The owner will then go in hiding or has come forward with thousands and thousands of excuses as to why no one is not getting paid.


Not a single Ponzi strategy culminates like a fairy story, so do yourself and save yourself some money.

Social Profimatic is an emphatically fraudulent company that you need to avoid no matter what ANYONE says.

This will not last longer than 3 months and the people that join seeing nothing but dollar signs will see the real scheme ONLY when they stop paying.

I personally would not promote or join Social Profimatic and I don’t recommend that you do.

Thank you for reading my review about Social Profimatic, please click on the social share buttons on this page if you found value.

Thank you.

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