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The Company/Program You Are Looking For Was Shut Down Or Was Closed…

No Longer Exists

If you landed on this page, it means that the program or company that you are looking for has either closed or has been shut down due to various reasons.

There are many reasons why a company or program gets shut down, but the most common reason was the business model was flawed in some way, here is what I mean…

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There are some programs that were shut down due to promising money to their members that were only being made from new members investments, in which case it was deemed a Ponzi scheme and only could survive for so long.

In other cases, the company was dealing with banks that closed them down due to policy changes or new laws that were passed.

In the vilest way, the company owner decided to run off with their member’s investments and profit and then shut down their own company website.

Either way, at this point, I decided to take down the article about the company due to the lack of interest in the company. What I mean is that no one was searching for the company or program online anymore, and it was simply taking up space on my website.

My Recommended Programs


In any case, I’ve had several people contact me, and ask me what programs do I recommend to make money online.

That question is asked because either the company/program they were looking into did not fit my standards and I did not recommend it, or the company they were looking into closed or was shut down.

In any case, you are here on this page because the program/company you were wanting information for was shut down.

So, I want to share with you my personal favorite companies that I have thoroughly researched and am a member of.

These companies/programs have been making me money for several months to over a year, so they are not start-ups and have solid business models.

With that said, click on the link below to learn more about my recommended money-making programs/companies at this time.

I’m confident the companies/programs that I share with you will benefit you greatly if you are looking for a solid money-making opportunity.

Thank you.



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