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SDK Meta Review: Cell Phone Privacy With Profitable Benefits!

Welcome to my SDK Meta review.

Have you ever visited a restaurant and then saw ads on Facebook or Google about that restaurant later in the day?

Have you ever run into a situation that you saw ads on your phone or computer and thought, weird, I was just talking about going there?

What about visiting an online store and researched a certain product and then seeing it again on a totally different site as an ad?

SDK Meta Review

That is what is called tracking, and it goes much deeper than knowing what you are thinking of buying, or where you visited.

Operating systems like Google, Android, Facebook are tracking your every move and there are not many options for us to keep our information private until now.

This is where SDK Meta comes in!

They are committed to keeping your information private!

In my review, you will learn what SDK Meta is, what they offer, how you can profit from the opportunity they are offering you, and the pros and cons I found with it.

With that said, let’s get started.

What Is SDK Meta?

What Is SDK Meta

SDK Meta is a decentralized marketing organization and distribution arm for SDK Co.

SDK Co. builds technologies that power personal choice.

The belief behind SDK Co and SDK Meta is humans are inherently free and should be able to choose and consent to the larger systems we participate in.

The way they explained it was that in the world we live in now, data is the new oil, A.I. is the new electricity, and IoT (Internet of things) is the nervous system.

SDK Co. explains that we don’t own our own data at this time due to companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and others because they actually have all the records stored and own that private data.

This is actually true! Our privacy is not secure anymore, I agree with them!

They have copies of our pictures, our text messages, the sites we visited, the comments we left on various sites, amongst other things.

What SDK Co. and SDK Meta have come up with is a solution where the data we use will actually be private to where other websites, like the ones mentioned above, have ZERO tracking or any data they can see from our usage!

This is done through the technologies that SDK Co. is building.

The first is with the private and secure smartphone that they are releasing with their own PRIVATE operating system that can’t be tracked or spied on!

This is very exciting news, and my personal views are that EVERYONE should be concerned with the lack of privacy that we have right now!

ATTN: Pre-Launch – With FREE Sign-Up!

As of RIGHT NOW, there is a limited time for you to get a free placement with SDK Meta without having to pay anything!

As of right now, SDK Meta is in pre-launch, which means you can position yourself for free and start building a structured team.

This is the perfect time to join and lock-in!

Company Details

When researching any company that offers a product and an opportunity to generate an income, you will want to do some research before joining.

The first thing that I always suggest is looking into the owner’s details.

I want to know if they have experience, but more importantly, any bad history, so I can know to stay away.

With that said, the CEO of SDK Meta is Chris Snook.

SDK Meta Management and Leadership Team

The marketing team consists of several professionals that have many years of experience in technology, communication, banking, and the entertainment business.

The management team is very transparent, and it appears that the position that they hold in SDK Meta fits with their experience.

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What Products Does SDK Meta Offer?

SDK Meta Products The MetaZERO Cell Phone

In this section of my SDK Meta review, I am going to cover what type of products they offer you as a member.

SDK Meta offers a smartphone that is completely private with the operating system they have in place, which is brought to us by SDK Co.

The smartphone that is being released is called SDK Zero.

The cell phone works on LTE with its own unhackable and unjackable software.

The SIM is a zero vulnerability SIM that works on an encrypted network.

The metaZERO works exclusively with the fully encrypted and anonymous metaSIM, a global VOIP (voice over internet protocol) SIM with several data coverage plans for every use case worldwide.

When you have a metaZERO, you own the metaSIM, giving your absolute independence from mobile operators for your most critical and private communications.

The cell phone retails for $999 but will come with discount options for family plans.

Additionally, SDK Meta members will receive a huge discount on the phones that also includes additional savings with a family plan.

Click on the link to get a video overview about the phone and its features with its benefits, then register your spot today.

How Do You Make Money With SDK Meta?

SDK Meta Compensation Plan

In this section of my SDK Meta review, I am going to go over the ways that you can make money with the opportunity they provide their members.

As mentioned above, SDK Meta is the marketing arm and distribution center for SDK Co. which is the builder of safe technologies.

As a promoter of SDK Meta, you will be a sharer of information.

The information that you will be sharing with others is facts about the lack of privacy that we all have right now.

When people understand how critical it is to protect themselves, and they join you in SDK Meta to get their own cell phone that is private, you will earn commissions from these sales.

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SDK Meta Compensation Plan

SDK Meta pays out 45% to the members that market the opportunity and builds a network.

To become a marketing member and share in the revenue, you will need to purchase a yearly license, which costs $99.

The marketing plan is a tiered compensation plan that includes many bonuses.

The main compensation plan is structured in a unilevel format. This is how your commissions will be tracked and paid, how your rank will be determined, and how the company will track what bonuses you qualify for.

For those that are not familiar with how the unilevel is structured, here is a quick breakdown:

  • The first level will only have your personally referred members on it.
  • The second level will only have members that your level 1 members recruited.
  • The third level will only have members that your level 2 members recruited on it.

SDK Meta has 3 levels of commissions that you can earn in your unilevel.

Here is a breakdown:

  • 15% of commissionable volume (sales) will be paid to you from the people that you personally refer.
  • 10% of the commissionable volume (sales) will be paid to you from the people that you personally referred members recruit.
  • 5% of commissionable volume (sales) will be paid to you from the people that your 2nd level members recruit.
SDK Meta Referral Commissions Chart

Ranks and Qualifications

There is a total of 11 ranks that you can qualify for, not including your starting rank, which is called a New DMP.

The ranks are separated into 3 categories that offer higher income opportunities and bonuses. These categories of ranks are called:

  • Community Partners – New DMP to Gold Rank members
  • Community Leaders – Neo to Raiden Ranked members
  • Ecosystem Ambassadors – Niko to Dragon Ranked members

Here is the list of ranks that you can qualify for:

  • New DMP – This is what all new members start at.
  • Bronze – To qualify for this rank, you will need 5k points.
  • Silver – To qualify for this rank, you will need 10k points.
  • Gold – To qualify for this rank, you will need 25k points.
  • Neo – To qualify for this rank, you will need 50k points.
  • Phoenix – To qualify for this rank, you will need 100k points.
  • Jax – To qualify for this rank, you will need 150k points.
  • Hiro – To qualify for this rank, you will need 200k points.
  • Raiden – To qualify for this rank, you will need 250k points.
  • Niko – To qualify for this rank, you will need 500k points.
  • Wolf – To qualify for this rank, you will need 750k points.
  • Dragon – To qualify for this rank, you will need 1 Million points.

Note – $1 of commissionable revenue equals 1 point. Also, 50% of points cannot come from any 1 leg.

SDK Meta Bonuses

Here is a quick breakdown of the bonuses that they offer.

As I receive more information about these bonuses, I will fill in any missing information about these bonuses as I receive them.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Alpha Global Quarterly Bonus – This is 2% of the global company sales that you can earn and split up evenly with all that qualify.
  • Ranks and Qualifications Bonuses
  • Monthly Rank Qualification Bonus Pools – Each month, you can qualify for a total of 3 separate global bonus pools. The higher you can rank will mean the more shares that you will earn.
  • Rank Based Monthly Bonus Pool
  • Personal Sales Commissions – This information can be found above under the compensation plan.
  • Personal Producer Bonus Pools – You can earn an additional bonus commission each month which consists of 1.5% of the global sales by becoming a top sponsor… The top 100 producers will receive a part of this bonus each month.
  • Leadership Infinity Differential Bonus – These are additional bonus pools that will add to your monthly income based on your rank. You can qualify for this bonus pool once you reach the Neo rank.

Is SDK Meta Safe?

Is SDK Meta Safe

To be honest, I would have to say that SDK Meta is safe.

I don’t have any reason to believe they are an unsafe company with the product and opportunity they provide.

I think that they put a lot of time and money into this unique opportunity that can equal a potentially huge opportunity in the near future.

As a member and promoter of SDK Meta, due to the nature of the product they offer, I can see this opportunity to be a huge success.

I think everyone should be concerned with privacy and what the big tech companies know about you right now, and it should be very concerning for you.

I personally think it’s more UNSAFE for you NOT to join right now and get one of the SDK Zero phones when they are available! (seriously)


Here are some of the pros that I found with SDK Meta:

  • They offer a product that I believe is in high demand
  • The product revolves around protecting ourselves from privacy issues that I think is a major concern right now for many people
  • They also offer a well-designed referral plan for the members that decide to promote the opportunity and the product
  • SDK Meta also offers customer option where they can purchase the phones at retail cost with included discounts if they choose the family plans.

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Some of the cons that I found with the SDK Meta opportunity include:

  • They are a newer company (bumps in the early start is usually common)

To be honest, I don’t see a lot of negatives about the company or the opportunity SDK Meta offers at this time.

With that said, let’s finish up.

Conclusion: SDK Meta Review: Cell Phone Privacy With Profitable Benefits!

In the last section of my SDK Meta review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation about what they offer.

Overall, I think the SDK Meta opportunity is a great opportunity to get involved.

They are hitting a market that should be a concern for everyone, and that is the privacy of your information.

Because right now, all of your internet browsing, texting, purchasing, phone calls, and other things you do on your phone are not really private!

Someone has your data right now, and the only thing that is protecting us right now are laws, but take a look at what Apple is doing right now.

They are accessing everyone’s image data to scan all of them. The reason they have for doing this sounds like they have good intentions, but where will it stop?

Also, why don’t WE have a say in what we want to be shared and not be shared? Isn’t our data, OUR data?

Apparently not, and that is why we need more privacy like what SDK Meta is offering.

I wouldn’t wait to get positioned today and plug into the live webinars and other information that the company puts out to get more informed of what is really happening to our data right now!

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my SDK Meta review.

If you found my review helpful, please share my article with others by clicking on the social share buttons below.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Thank you for your support!

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