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NewU Financial Review – Scam or Legit? Compensation Plan Breakdown

Welcome to my NewU Financial Review.

I just ran across NewU Financial the other day put it in the queue to take a look at it later but seen some people promoting it and so I pushed it up to learn what’s it really all about.

When we are going to join an opportunity that we can make money with we want to take some time to do some research to find out if it is a scam or not.

We wouldn’t want to just jump into a program that gets shut down due to compliance or owners running off with everyone’s money.

NewU Financial Review

We are going to void issues like this by digging into the information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

With that said, let’s dig in and see what we can learn about the NewU Financial opportunity.

NewU Financial Review – What Is It?

NewU Financial Reviews What Is It

So, what is this new company all about?

We are going to cover this information in this part of the review by researching the company website and any other legitimate sources that can offer some reliable information.

First of all, the company is operating in an MLM structured business model where they offer commissions for a multitude of levels of customer and affiliate members compensation.

The niche that I would consider it to be in would be the credit repair training niche where they don’t actually provide credit repair reps that will handle mailing out dispute letters or anything like that, it’s more about the “how to do it yourself” method.

Company Overview

NewU Financial Company Owner CEO Founder

The company is based out of Manhattan in the United States as stated in a passage on the company website page, but the official address is 14 Wall Street 20th Floor, New York, New Your 10005.

The company owners are Jeff Long and George Wilson.

Jef has an extensive past with running MLM programs and affiliate marketing systems.

Some of the past companies Jeff owned were:

  • AutoXTen in 2011
  • SMS Dailies
  • Get Paid Social back in 2015
  • and Luvv in 2018

Some of Georges past companies include just being an affiliate member for:

  • Infinity2Global
  • Empower Network

As far as Jeff Long goes, he has a ton of experience in operating money-making programs online and as a matter of fact, he is the main programmer and designer for all of them.

He has a very great skill set, I must admit, in design and functionality, it works fantastic, but in the past, he also has a lot of experience with companies that he ran that ended up closing down.

His success rate in the past I must admit has not been that great, but hopefully, he can change it all around with NewU Financial.

Let’s continue with the products that they offer in the next section.

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What Products Does NewU Financial Offer?

NewU Financial Products Review

In this section of the review, we are going to cover the products that NewU Financial offers.

When taking a look at the company website, we like to see retail products when we know the company is running as an MLM company.

This tells us that the company is in compliance with that aspect as you can see in the image below.

NewU Financial Retails Customer Option

But what is the actual product?

NeU Financial offers credit repair education and also B2B or (business to business) education as well.

They want you to invest in their joint ventures and will offer a great return on your money while providing credit score repair education.

There is not much more that is known about the products that they offer, and some say the “join as a customer” is really not a retail option.

Either way, let’s get into how you make money with NewU.

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How Does The NewU Financial Compensation Plan Work?

NewU Financial Compensation Plan Breakdown

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at how the compensation plan works and how you make money with NewU Financial.

This is not your typical Network Marketing compensation plan structure where they offer a classic structure like a matrix, binary, or unilevel.

It is designed a bit differently in how you earn commissions through your recruiting and team-building efforts.

You can earn from the promised ROI from your investment made, and also from referrals.

ROI Commissions

NewU Financial ROI Commissions

You will be able to earn a promised 200% ROI with your investment made of a minimum of $100.

Referrals Commissions

You will be able to earn from your referrals, but I will let the compensation plan video explain this part for you.

It’s a bit different so I’ve included a compensation plan and overview video below to help explain this process.

The video is created by the co-founders and is biased so keep that in your mind while you are watching.

NewU Financial Video Presentation Overview

I hope this NewU Financial compensation plan and overview video makes it more clear on how it works and how you make money with it.

Overall, the compensation plan is quite interesting and sounds great but there are certain aspects that we do have concerns about.

You can learn more about those concerns in the “is ORU Financial a scam” section below.

Let’s move on.

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NewU Financial Q and A Section

In this section of the review, we are going to answer some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining the NewU Financial opportunity.

Is NewU Financial BBB Accredited?

No, NewU Financial is not accredited at this time with the Better Business Bureau.

Not having a listing or accreditation in the BBB does not make a company a scam, it just means that the company is not listed.

When I refer to the BBB, I usually only check for additional company information and to compare the reviews and testimonials with my other sources when the BBB offers those details.

What’s The Cost To Join NewU Financial?

The minimum cost to join NewU Financial is free but comes with limitations like only being able to earn 30% from your personally referred member’s investments.

To start to take advantage of the full benefits that the NewU Financial compensation plan offers you will need to make a minimum investment of $100.

The next section will cover what many of you are here to learn which is…

Is NewU Financial A Scam or Legit?

Is NewU Financial A Scam or Legit Opportunity

Well, since you can join for free and does state that you can join as a customer only make this opportunity is not completely a scam in our opinion.

Overall, it looks like a solid company that offers:

  • A retail product
  • Experienced management
  • A fair compensation plan

However, when you make promises that you are going to earn a 200% ROI when you are making an investment, then this is not quite legit even though the company makes this statement:

“We can legally offer this guarantee because we are paying back a loan with interest, not paying dividends on traditional investments”.

This is potential for having legal ramifications from the SEC when offering any kind of guarantee that you will make money in the form of securities fraud.

With that said, let’s move on.

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My Final NewU Financial Review and Thoughts

In the final section of this review, we are going to cover our final thoughts about the NewU Financial opportunity as a whole.

We have taken the time to dig into the details about the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

We also shared our thoughts on why we felt that NewU Financial is skating a fine line with being a scam or not-so-compliant company with the promised ROI they offer.

At this point, you should have a perfect idea of what NewU is, how it works and how you make money with it.

What are your thoughts about it so far?

But here is the question…

Do we recommend the NewU Financial opportunity?

No, we cannot recommend an opportunity that offers any guarantee of money that is not registered with the SEC.

This can be a very bad situation down the road for the affiliate members that decide to get involved and make a lot of money with it in the form of legal clawbacks and lawsuits.

I hope you enjoyed my NewU Financial review.

Before you go, make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page and share it with others so that people can learn exactly what the NewU Financial opportunity is really all about.

Thank you!

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