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Neosify Review: A Legit 135% APY or Big Scam?

If you’re looking for a good Neosify review that will answer your questions before you join, then this is it!

If you are looking for passive income in crypto, then this might be the program for you, but it might come at a high cost.

Neosity is an investment company that is offering passive income in crypto to its members.

Neosify Review

There are several programs similar to Neosity that I have come across offering similar claims and promises, and the majority of them ended up shutting down due to bad business practices.

Is Neosity going to end up like the others and end up shutting down prematurely, or will it end up being a long-term winner?

With that said, let’s dig in and get started.

Neosify Review – Overview

1. Company: Neosify
2. Type: Passive, Crypto, Referral Program
3. CEO: Unknown
4. Cost: Minimum
5. Payment/Withdrawal Methods: Crypto
6. Money-Back Guarantee: None
7. Support: [email protected]
8. Website:
9. Low/Medium/High-Risk?: High

Quick Summary: Neosify is an investment company that offers promised returns in crypto, based on DeFi profits.

The way they are using it to generate returns is by earning off the interest from staking.

They are introducing liquidity pools soon, which will earn from the fees associated with holding pairs of 2 or more coins on the blockchain networks, but this is not implemented yet.

Whether they are actually staking or not is impossible to be determined due to no proof or data charts made available to their members or the public.

Neosify also offers a “Red Pill” option, which is their referral program where members can earn commissions for referring others.

This company attracts people that are interested in:

  • Passive Income
  • Crypto
  • ROI Programs
  • HYIPs

While I can agree that many of the aspects that I listed above will be attractive to many people, we still have to do our research before diving into anything that we are going to invest in, whether it is our time or money.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons…

Neosify PROS

Here are some of the pros:

  • Passive crypto income
  • No need to setup crypto staking or liquidity pools, the company does it for you
  • Payments and withdrawals are done using crypto

Neosify CONS

Here are some of the cons:

  • There is no information about the owner of the company
  • There is no proof they are actually using staking profits to generate returns
  • The returns listed for only staking (which they list they are only using at this time) is very high compared to legitimate staking returns

Scam Or Legit/Safe? – Verdict

Is Neosify A Scam

If you are looking for a legitimate business, then I would recommend sticking around to the end of my Neosify review to find out my thoughts about them.

But like you, I can’t see into the future, so I can’t say that Neosify will become a scam, but if you do decide to join, I would just say…

Neosify is a high-risk opportunity because of the cons that were found.

I’ve included much more detailed information about Neosify below in the following sections of my review.

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What Is Neosify?

What Is Neosify

Neosify is an investment program that offers members the ability to earn passive income through the company’s crypto investment strategies.

The company uses staking crypto to earn the type of returns they offer in their investment plans and the company is soon to apply liquidity pool earnings to it as well, but there is no specific date when that will apply.

The company also offers what they call “Red Pill” profits, which is simply their referral program where members can earn referral commissions when they refer others to the platform.

Company Details

When researching the company, I like to see who is the owner of the company to learn about their past business experience.

This will give me an idea of what type of future this company has, although there are expansions to this rule.

Unfortunately, I hit a dead end because there is no one named or mentioned on the website as who is the owner.

The company website simply states that the “Architect” is the owner of the company because I guess they don’t want anyone to find out who the real owner is.

  • The domain name “” was registered on July 17, 2022
  • The domain name “” was registered on the same date.
  • Both of the domain names are privately registered.

Due to the privacy of the domain name, there is no additional information I was able to see.

With the company details covered, let’s continue.

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What Products/Services Does Neosify Offer?

In this section of my Neosify review, I am going to share the details that I found about the products/services they offer.

When it comes to services or products, the only thing Neosify offers is its investment plans.

The investment plans are said to generate returns using only staking crypto.

Other than that, they offer a referral program that they refer to as “Red Pill” which I will cover below.

With the services/products covered, let’s continue.

How Do Members Make Money With Neosify?

In this section of my Neosify review, I am going to share the details about the ways that members can make money with them.

There are 2 ways that members can make money with Neosify:

  • The Investment Plan Profits
  • Referral Program Commissions

Getting Started and Investment Plans

The first way to make money with Neosify is through their investment plans.

There are 2 investment plans they currently offer which offer daily returns through staking and holding.

Neosify Investment Plan Staking Rewards

Here are the details of the 2 investment plans they currently offer:

  • Staking – This investment plan requires a cost of $100 to start. This plan offers a daily ROI of 0.14% to 0.29% on your investment.
  • Daily Forever – This investment plan requires a cost of $100 to start. This plan offers a daily ROI of 0.06% to 0.1% on your investment, which is said by the company to pay forever.

Referral Program “Red Pill” Details

The next way to make money with Neosify is through their referral program, which they refer to as “Red Pill”.

The way referral members earn is when their referred members earn from the returns on either investment plan.

They do not earn from the initial deposit made by their referral members.

Neosify Referral Program Rewards Red Pill

Here is a breakdown of what referral members will earn from “Red Pill” referral commissions:

  • Staking Returns – Referral members will earn 30% on their personally referred daily ROIs.
  • Forever Daily Returns – Referral members will earn 50% on their personally referred Forever Daily ROIs.

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What’s The Cost To Join?

The cost to join Neosify is free to join by creating your account but if you want to earn a daily ROI through their investment plan options, then the minimum cost to start is $100 in the crypto they specify.

You will learn the coin option they require if you decide to join Neosify in your member’s back office.

With that covered, let’s finish up!

Conclusion: Neosify Review

In the last section of my Neosify review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation about them.

At this point in my review, I hope that I was able to answer all of your questions about the Neosify investment program.

If you have any additional questions or want to leave a comment, please do so in the comment section below.

With that…

Would I Recommend Neosify?

I personally would not trust a company that does not reveal who the owner is first.

The company just got started, but they are offering a promised daily ROI based on only staking crypto, which is very suspicious due to the volatility in the markets and the historical staking profits that are made in the markets.

I will not be able to recommend it based on those findings.

If you want to learn about the passive income programs I do recommend and are tested, then click here.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Neosify review.

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