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NasdaCoin Review – Scam or Legit? Compensation Plan Breakdown

Welcome to my NasdaCoin Review & Simplified Compensation Plan Breakdown!

One of the questions that we have to take a look at before joining any opportunity is to see if it is a scam or not.

We are going to take a look at the information on the company, the products, and the compensation plan to help us determine if it is a legitimate opportunity that we can make money with for a long time.

We wouldn’t want to join an opportunity just to be scammed out of all the time and money that we invested into it.

NasdaCoin Review

I decided to take a closer look at the NasdaCoin opportunity because of several promotions that I’ve seen online and wanted to learn more about it.

With that said, let’s dive down and see what it is really all about.

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Let’s take a look at an overview video…

The NasdaCoin Opportunity Video

NasdaCoin Company Overview

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at the NasdaCoin company information.

NasdaCoin Reviews

One of the things that we like to see is transparency on who owns the company on one of the company website pages.

This is not a determination on whether an opportunity is a scam or legitimate, but it does offer a better look at who is behind it and the experience they’ve had in the industry.

NasdaCoin Company Owner CEO

The owner of NasdaCoin is John Baptist who launched the company just a few months ago.

He was one of 2 people that launched the company which the other person is not known or named for some reason.

John is originally from Brazil, but moved and now lives in South America.

After doing some research on John, it does look like he has some experience in various opportunities.

He was part of Juenesse, 4 Corners Alliance, Game Loot Network, and a few others.

According to the company website information, John seems to be the developer for the blockchain technology, but not specific.

This is all I really have on the company NasdaCoin company information let’s move on to the next section.

NasdaCoin Products Review

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at the NasdaCoin products that they offer.

NasdaCoin Products No Retail

Having a good product in place whether they are digital or physical offers a good case for having a legitimate company.

At least, one of the big parts of it…

If you are operating an MLM company which is basically a company that you can get paid through several layers of customer depth, then you need retail products in order to be in compliance with the law.

Unfortunately, NasdaCoin does not offer any retail products for sale even though they have an MLM aspect to their compensation plan.

This is definitely not a good thing as far as compliance is concerned.

This is a huge red flag as far as I am concerned and also the law… let’s move on.

NasdaCoin Compensation Plan Breakdown

In this section of the review, we are going to cover information on the NasdaCoin compensation plan and how you earn money with it.

NasdaCoin Compensation Plan Breakdown

NasdaCoin offers 2 ways to earn from the opportunity they have in place which are:

  • ROI Commissions
  • Referral Commissions

ROI Commissions

When you join NasdaCoin and make an investment in one of the packages they offer you a promised ROI.

When you invest, your money will be converted into NSD points that the company puts a value of .99 cents per NSD point.

To make an investment, you are promised a 300% ROI after the maturity date of 365 days.

Here is a breakdown of the packages that you can invest in, and additional earning that they promise per level:

  • $100 to $1000 Level – Invest into this level and get a daily variable ROI
  • $1100 to $5000 Level – Invest into this level and get a daily variable ROI plus 0.1% bonus
  • $511 to $10,000 Level – Invest into this level and get a daily variable ROI plus 0.2% bonus
  • $10,100 to $50,000 Level – Invest into this level and get a daily variable ROI plus 0.25% bonus
  • $50,100 to $100,000 Level – Invest into this level and get a daily variable ROI plus 0.3% bonus
NasdaCoin Compensation Plan Chart

Referral Commissions

When you refer people into the NasdaCoin program and they make an investment you will earn commissions.

You can earn from your direct referrals and also from team members that your referrals sponsor into the company and so forth.

This is paid out using the MLM unilevel compensation plan structure.

If you are unaware of how the unilevel pay plan works here is a quick breakdown:

  • 1st Level – The first level of your unilevel pay plan will only have your personally referred members on it.
  • 2nd Level – The second level of your unilevel compensation plan will only have referrals that your personals referred sponsored into NasdaCoin.
  • 3rd Level – The third level of your unilevel compensation plan will only have team members that your 2nd level members sponsored into NasdaCoin.
  • And so on…

The company offers 7 levels of unilevel commissions.

The compensation plan details how much you earn are 1% on all 7 levels of your unilevel pay structure.

Residual Commissions

The company also offers residual commissions that are paid using the MLM binary compensation plan structure.

A binary is simply a right and left leg that can have unlimited depth.

Usually, you have to sponsor 1 person on either leg to qualify for these commissions.

The company usually puts caps on how much you earn from the lesser volume leg.

NasdaCoin offers 1 point for every $100 generated from either leg.

These commissions are calculated and paid out each day.

It pays out on a 1:1 ratio but from the weaker leg, so if you have 10 points on one leg and 5 points on the other leg, it pays on the 5 points.

5 points will be $500, and NadaCoin will pay 10% on that point value which would come out to $50 for example.

NasdaCoin also has a limit on how much you can earn each day which is $10,000.

That is all I have on the compensation plan details and how you earn money with it, let’s move on.

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NasdaCoin FAQ

In this section of the review, we are going to answer some of the questions that people have when thinking about joining the NasdaCoin opportunity.

Is NasdaCoin BBB Accredited?

No, NasdaCoin is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

This is not a determining factor for an opportunity being a scam or legitimate program in my opinion just because the BBB has been known to have manipulated ratings.

Additionally, not all programs get listed on the BBB website.

I usually refer to the BBB website for additional company information and also to check out the reviews and testimonials it may offer.

How Much Does It Cost To Join NasdaCoin?

You can actually join NasdaCoin for free and only earn from direct referrals.

Or you can join with an investment of at least $100 to qualify to earn from the compensation plan.

Maybe the owners think because they offer a free aspect to the business model that makes it ok to offer no retail products?

I am not sure, that would be kind of crazy either way…

With that said, here is the part of the review that many of you have been waiting for which is…

Is NasdaCoin A Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Is NasdaCoin A Scam

In my opinion, yes, NasdaCoin is a scam.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • No retail product offered even though it has an MLM compensation plan structure.
  • A promise of an ROI, but where are the facts on how it can be sustained other than from new recruitment?

The first problem is that they offer no retail products which technically makes this opportunity a Ponzi Scheme.

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My Final NasdaCoin Review and Thoughts

In this final section of my review, I am going to share my final thoughts about the NasdaCoin opportunity.

Too many red flags are what first comes to my mind.

NasdaCoin Pros

  • The company website does offer transparency on who runs it.
  • That is really all the pros I have…

Like I mentioned before, there are many issues that I see that have to do with compliance.

Another issue is the promise of an ROI on your investment.

Many companies that operate with a promise of an ROI have been shut down by the government because they couldn’t prove that the form of profit-producing service was providing all the sustainable profit needed for all the promised ROI’s that people would get.

This led to the companies offering unregistered securities which is not a good thing, to say the least.

If the claim that the blockchain, or training, and whatever can sustain these numbers can be verified is great, but I haven’t encountered one single program that was able to provide this proof.

Either way, here is the question…

Would I recommend or join the NasdaCoin opportunity?

No, I would neither recommend nor would I ever join NasdaCoin due to all the issues that I discovered in my research.

I hope you enjoyed my NasdaCoin review.

Make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page and share it with others so that people can learn exactly what the NasdaCoin opportunity is really all about.

Thank you!

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