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My Home Success Plan Review – Scam? Can You Really Make Money With This

Welcome to My Home Success Plan Review.

Are you interested in an honest overview with details that you should know before purchasing My Home Success Plan?

Is My Home Success Plan a Scam?

This is one of the questions that we are going to look into and also explain our side of how we came to the decision we came to.

We are also going to dive down and take a look into how does it work, can you really make money with it, and if it actually is an opportunity that we can recommend.

Recently I heard about My Home Success Plan, so I decided to take a closer look to understand what it was and if it could really meet the promises made to earn $500 + a day in just 5 minutes.

This is one of those claims that are highly frowned upon by the regulators and they better back it up with proof and documentation to what makes this possible.

Let’s dive down and see if there is any truth to the claims.

My Home Success Plan Review

My Home Success Plan is an affiliate marketing program that is promoted by affiliates and makes crazy claims that you can make money online just by trying it out.

My Home Success Plan is a new website that makes ridiculous claims that you can make money online in 5 minutes.

They claim that you could possibly be paid commissions of a minimum of $500 just to try out their system.

They also say that there is no experience necessary, and you can start making money right away.

When I see these kinds of bold statements, my first thought is that it is a scam, much like Five Minute Profit Sites and others I recently exposed by making similar statements.

My Home Success Plan Review

This is the home page of the website.

As you can see there are some very interesting things that really stand out.

I removed my position from the screen above the website, automatically extracting location data and doing a marketing technique that shows that the program is local to you.

This is just the scam tactic, even if it does not matter where you are, the website will make the program look local to gain some trust.

This does not mislead me because I know exactly what they are trying to do with their marketing tactics.

When you land on the website of the site you have installed the code that keeps track of your IP address that knows your location and then the website simply shows you the position.

However, for a beginner completely to make money online and how to work on websites, I can understand why this would easily give the visitor a sense of trust by convincing them that this is a local way to make money online.

Next, we have the claims of earning $500 a day just by trying them out having no experience, with the ability to be your boss, and of course the fear of loss tactic that tells the visitor that you better act now because they only have limited spots left in your area.

Here are 4 more things to think about:

  • This is BS again because you will not be paid $500 a day just to test them out.
  • This is just a big empty promise that means absolutely nothing.
  • If you take them up on their offer then you will soon discover that this information is not true.
  • The odds of making money on your first day with this are slim to none for now.

I’ve been building my business online for 8 years and making a better than full-time income over the last 3-4 years.

It took literally years of trial, error, and failure before making any real money.

It did not happen from sites like My Home Success Plan and I promise you that it is not that easy, and unfortunately it will not happen for you.

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Is My Home Success Plan A Scam?

I believe My Home Success Plan is a scam, and I base this on the fact that it makes promises and claims it can not guarantee.

Like the guarantee that they claim that you can earn $500 just to test it out and have the ability to make even more money right away.

These claims that the company promised are ridiculous and people will fall for it and buy the program just to be disappointed in the end.

The downside to the processing of My Home Success Plan is managed by ClickBetter, which is good because you can easily get a refund by contacting their support.

This is at least a positive aspect of the system that will actually be difficult to get “scammed” permanently since you can get your money back.

That said, it will not prevent you from being spammed by the creators of The System with other offers of money that you could end up making you fooled.

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How Does My Home Success Plan Work?

My Home Success Plan seemed extremely familiar to me.

It was then that I decided to look at my older reviews and I realized that My Home Success Plan is actually the same system that I exposed under the name My Optimized Success Plan.

From what I can say you have not really changed the name.

This is a common thing in the world of making money online.

People who run websites scam promising to be able to make a fortune often take them back after a few months.

This is because people get tired and the offer starts to get saturated, so they rename it and reshape it, only that they can deceive more people.

My Home Success Plan Scam

Once you enter your details on their website, you end up on another page with a video and an article.

The article is by April Matthews and tells a sad story about how he divorced at a young age and had to work at McDonald’s and have two small daughters.

It’s a really sad story, but it’s a false story.

This story is created because the saying says “the facts tell stories of sale”.

If you tell someone the facts about a product or, in this case, about a system, they will probably be interested, but if you can tug at their hearts and make them emotional and even relate to them, this will make the person more interested.

This previous story tries to relate the people who visit the website, so they can think that the system is real.

My Home Success Plan Review and Scam

The “Make Money Online” websites always do this by telling a story about how the person was struggling and once they were like you, but they are making a fortune, but most of the time (not always) is false.

There are some cases where this background is legitimate, but very often it is BS and in this case, I am 100% sure that April Matthews does not exist there.

There is also a fake income calculator that allows you to calculate how much money you can earn by publishing links.

I set the links to 15 a day and $20 for each link, which means I could earn $300 a day.

This is composed of BS, and you’ll never earn it for posting a few links, but it will definitely sound great and will attract people who sign up for the My Home success plan.

Once you switch to call BS on the page, you can sign up.

The truth is that it will cost you from $50 to $100. This is because the price varies depending on the version of the website you receive and there are also up-sells that do not speak to you.

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Is My Home Success Plan Accredited With The BBB?

My Home Success Plan is accredited with the BBB.

One of the first things that the Better Business Bureau would want the company to change is any income claims so right there you know that they are not accredited.

Final My Home Success Plan Review and Thoughts

I personally would not recommend this program.

There are too many red flags that I have revealed for you here in my review.

Again, My Home Success Plan is not something that I would be happy to recommend.

Actually, it’s the other way around.

I do not think you’ll earn a penny, let alone anywhere near the program specifies in their income guarantees.

If you found value in my review, please make sure to click on the social buttons located on this page to help out.

Thank you.

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