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Ledn Review: How Does It Work, Interest Rates, And Is It Safe?

Welcome to my Ledn review.

If you have been hearing about Ledn and want to know more, then this is the article for you. In today’s day and age of high interest rates, saving money has never been as difficult as it is now.

Fortunately, Ledn offers savings products that can provide you with extra yield on your digital assets.

Ledn Review

In this review, we are going to cover various topics about Ledn like how it works, the features they offer, the interest rates, and much more.

With that said, let’s jump in and get started.

What Is Ledn?

What Is Ledn

Ledn is a diverse, Toronto-based team committed to building world-class financial services catered to the crypto-economy.

Ledn offers a suite of products for you to make the most of your digital assets. Ledn’s savings products can provide you with extra yield.

Ledn’s credit products help you keep your bitcoin and access dollars, or use the borrowed funds to purchase more.

Ledn is also personal banking without passwords or logins, where all you need is your phone screen and fingerprint!

You can manage bank accounts from different countries with no hassle from banks that may not be as interested in hearing about cryptocurrency as their customers are.

How Does It Work?

Ledn is a peer-to-peer network that enables money transfers between users and provides access to fiat currency, bitcoin, and altcoins to their customers.

Ledn is a financial institution built on the benefits of blockchain technology and crypto-currency.

By providing an innovative marketplace, Ledn turns your property into liquid gold.

The Ledn market also facilitates transactions between users of the market by providing discounts for loans in bitcoin or other assets.

No more hassles! Just send your bitcoins to friends and family using Ledn’s simple interface.

You can also shop by shopping with bitcoin or other crypto-assets in the Ledn marketplace.

What Does Ledn Offer?

Ledn Features

Ledn is the only financial institution in the world that performs real money transfers and services.

Ledn offers a suite of features and products for investors, including a savings account, high-yield investment account, credit card, loans, and debit card.

Ledn users can use Ledn’s savings products to earn extra yield on your bitcoin holdings.

Ledn also offers an investment portfolio and an insurance platform.

The investment portfolio allows for the tracking of different coins and is powered by YieldCoin technology, which gives investors the opportunity to improve their financial lives by giving them access to liquidity (the ability to invest in other assets).

Bitcoin Loans

Ledn Loans BitGo

Ledn offers Bitcoin loans for 12 months, but you can apply for longer lengths of a loan as well.

Ledn loans have a fee of a 12% annual interest rate.

Ledn also offers a loan-to-value calculator.

You can check out the Ledn Marketplace for contracts, reports, and insurance policies.

Savings Account

Ledn’s savings account is a full-service bank account.

Because Ledn is decentralized, you can make transactions anytime, anywhere.

You can manage different profiles to store funds from different sources in one place.

You can save your money and make interest on it by locking up your funds in USD or LednCoin.

B2X Leverage

B2X (or the B2X token) is a LednCoin utility token.

B2X is used to leverage trading on the Ledn platform, but also can be used as a financial tool to hedge against market volatility.

B2X can be purchased and used, and it will be tradable on exchanges.

LednCoin is the proprietary cryptocurrency of Ledn & Yield Coin, Inc.

The purpose of LednCoin is to give users liquidity on the Ledn platform while allowing them to earn extra yield with their holdings of bitcoin or other crypto assets.

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What’s The Best Part To Ledn?

In my opinion, and after reviewing other crypto lending platforms, although the yearly interest fee on loans is higher than other lending platforms, the interest rates on Bitcoin and USDC are quite nice.

With USDC being at 11% and BTC at 6.1%, I can’t complain at all even when comparing it to all of the other platforms.

How Do I Get Started?

The Ledn platform is already in production, the Ledn Visa card is already available for use, and all the Ledn products are immediately available to be used.

You can download the application at the App Store or Google Play Store and begin using it immediately.

You can click here to create your account with Ledn or you can click on the button below.

**I’ve included a more detailed getting started guide further down this review for additional instructions.

Ledn Interest Rates

Ledn Interest Rates

Ledn offers interest rates that change on a weekly basis and are calculated off of a blockchain technology-based algorithm that changes depending on market conditions at any given time.

With that said, interest rates range from 3% to 11% per annum, depending on the product that you choose to invest in within the platform. Interest rates will change weekly.

The only coins they have available to earn interest on are USDC and Bitcoin.

Is It Safe?

Is Ledn Safe and Legit

The quickest way to answer this question is yes, Ledn is a safe cryptocurrency lending platform.

Bitcoin is the safest way to store and move money in this age of digital disruption.

Ledn’s products are secure against hacking because your information is not held on Ledn’s servers, but is instead stored on blockchain technology-based platforms that ensure the safety of all transactions on the Ledn network.

Is It Legal?

Ledn does not directly offer financial services, but instead provides a ledger of everything that has been transacted between users within the marketplace it creates.

The Ledn platform offers financial products designed for customers who are interested in crypto-assets and blockchain technology – such as Bitcoin and altcoins.

Bitcoin is, unlike fiat currencies, free from the influence of the government.

Ledn is a decentralized marketplace that processes deals between users in bitcoin or other crypto-assets.

Ledn has not been legalised yet. Ledn does not offer any financial services as it will be illegal for Ledn to do so because of its current status as a company that intends to deliver services through its own network.

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing on a weekly basis, and this makes the market very difficult for all cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada to navigate, let alone one such as Ledn that does not currently have any existing partnerships with banks or service providers of other financial products and services.

This means that it is not possible for Ledn to deliver its platform services in the form of a bank-like service, as Ledn does not currently have access to the necessary financial services in order to provide such a service.

However, once the platform has been fully deployed, users will be able to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform itself using a peer-to-peer network that comes with built-in security features and anti-scam protection systems – making this process much safer than doing so with an exchange.

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What Are Some Benefits Of Ledn?

Here is a list of benefits or pros that I found with the Ledn crypto lending platform:

  • Ledn is safe and secure, so you can rest assured your coins are in good hands.
  • All Ledn wallets are verified by two-factor authentication (2FA), so someone would need both your password and your phone to access your wallet.

Your wallet is locked with a six-character pin code.

  • Ledn is a secure, low-cost way to trade and invest. Ledn is not a payment service, it’s a market that makes it easy to buy and sell crypto-assets.
  • You can exchange bitcoin on the Ledn platform for another altcoin or fiat currency using Ledn’s direct exchange feature.

This eliminates the middleman that takes a fee for the privilege of providing your buying or selling an asset in exchange for another.

  • Ledn has no deposit or withdrawal fees – you only pay transaction fees from your own assets when you choose to create transactions on the Ledn platform with other users of Ledn.

With no transaction fees, there are no hidden costs that eat up your savings balances. You can send money to family or friends quickly and easily.

  • Ledn helps you earn extra yield from your crypto-assets.
  • You’ll be able to get a 2% yield on your bitcoin holdings on Ledn, which is the same return that Ledn offers in its savings account.

For example, if you have $10,000 worth of bitcoins and pay no transaction fees for transactions on the Ledn platform, then your bitcoin would earn you $100 every year in interest – in addition to the $3 by buying bitcoin using Ledn’s exchange feature that gives you another $97 interest in that dollar amount by buying it with one of Ledn’s savings products.

  • Ledn helps you invest in a variety of secure and safe ways. Ledn’s investment portfolio will allow you to track the value of your crypto-assets, such as bitcoin or Ethereum, against the value of other currencies, such as CAD or USD.
  • The Ledn platform also allows you to invest in other assets such as real estate by using cryptocurrencies that will be automatically converted into fiat currencies and deposited into an escrow account for the real estate deal – and then back again once the deal has been completed.
  • Ledn offers insurance products. You can buy insurance against loss with Ledn while using its savings account or leverage accounts that offer secured loans for periods of up to 12 months.
  • High-interest rates offered for Bitcoin and USDC is a big plus as well.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Ledn?

Here is a list of cons or disadvantages that I found with the Ledn crypto lending platform:

  • Ledn is not yet legalised. Ledn does not have any existing partnerships with banks or service providers of other financial products and services, so it will be impossible for Ledn to provide its platform services in the form of a bank-like service.
  • Once the platform has been fully deployed, users will be able to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform itself using a peer-to-peer network that comes with built-in security features and anti-scam protection systems – making this process much safer than doing so with an exchange.
  • The 12% annual fee for loans is higher than most all the other lending platforms.

How Can I Get Started With Ledn?

How To Create An Account With Ledn
  1. Get the Ledn Wallet app on the Ledn Website.

You will need to download the Ledn Wallet app to your computer or mobile device, which is easy and free to do, you can click here to create your account.

This will allow you to manage your cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as create and monitor your Ledn savings account directly from your computer or mobile device via the Ledn App – all without having to store your cryptocurrencies on any third-party server (Ledn does not hold any of your information on its servers).

  1. Set up a Ledn Savings Account and link it to your Ledn Wallet.

In order to take advantage of Ledn’s savings products, you will need to open a Ledn Savings Account. You can open an account with as little as $100 in Canadian dollars – and you can use bitcoin or Ethereum to buy $100 worth of Ledn Dollars.

Ledn Savings Accounts offer a reward of 2% per year in interest on your savings balance – which is the same interest rate that Ledn offers on its savings products. You can get started with a Ledn Savings Account within minutes of opening an account. You can contact Ledn customer service directly on the Ledn website for more information about how to open and fund a Ledn Savings Account.

  1. Create your Ledn currency portfolio and start trading.

You can create your portfolio by choosing the Canadian dollar (CAD) as one of the currencies that is accepted by the platform, which may make it easier for you to save in fiat currency (Canada’s currency, the USD), but keep your cryptocurrencies safely in bitcoin or Ethereum.

Once you have set up your Ledn currency portfolio, you can begin buying and selling cryptocurrencies on Ledn by clicking here.

You can also sell your Ledn Dollars to another user of the platform, or trade them for another asset such as USD or CAD – all using the peer-to-peer exchange feature that comes with Ledn’s platform.

Ledn is an open-source platform that allows users to create their own trading networks with the peer-to-peer exchange feature built in – so if you want to offer a new cryptocurrency on Ledn as a trading platform, you can always contact them to submit your request at; support@lednmrkts.

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Conclusion: Ledn Review: How Does It Work, Interest Rates And Is It Safe?

Ledn is a smart-cryptocurrency platform that gives you the ability to invest in various cryptocurrencies while earning a 2% annual yield on your investments.

Ledn supports cryptocurrency conversions and protects against losses in fiat currency.

Ledn also provides a variety of other investment products, such as insurance, which is another way to keep your money safe.

Ledn also offers an outstanding 1%+ interest rate on your savings account balance – which may be very attractive for people who want to save their money for a specific purpose, such as retiring or starting a business.

Overall, I think that Ledn is a great choice to earn interest on your cryptocurrency.

It’s safe, and it offers many features that could be appealing to many people.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Ledn review.

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