It Works Vs Thrive: The Ultimate Showdown!

On your quest for wellness, you may have stumbled upon two thriving brands in the health and nutrition arena – It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive.

Both these companies are trendsetters promoting distinct pathways to a healthier lifestyle.

This article demystifies their products, comparing them head-to-head on critical aspects like pricing, ingredient quality, customer reviews, and effectiveness to help you make an informed choice.

Ready? Let’s dive into this invigorating face-off – It Works Vs Thrive!

Summary: It Works Vs Thrive

  • It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive are both health and wellness companies that offer a range of products to support various health goals.
  • It Works! Global operates using a multi-level marketing business model, while Le-Vel Thrive is known for its innovative cloud-based approach.
  • Both brands utilize natural ingredients in their products, but there have been concerns about the safety and effectiveness of certain ingredients used by Le-Vel Thrive.
  • Pricing varies between the two brands, with It Works! Global having a $99 startup cost and Le-Vel Thrive offers different pricing options for its products.
  • Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of both brands’ products, with mixed feedback for Le-Vel Thrive and available reviews for It Works! Global.

Overview of It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive

Overview of It Works Global and LeVel Thrive

It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive are two companies that offer different approaches to health and wellness.

What is It Works! Global?

It Works! Global is a health and wellness company renowned for its signature product, the Ultimate Body Applicator.

This applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap infused with a proprietary botanically-based formula designed to tighten, tone, and firm skin in as little as 45 minutes.

The company’s other products encompass categories like beauty and anti-aging, nutrition and weight management – all aligned towards promoting healthy living.

A critical detail that sets It Works apart is its business model; it operates using multi-level marketing or MLM where individuals can become independent distributors earning commissions on sales.

It has also been found that It Works is not a scam after a thorough review that can be found here.

What are the benefits of It Works! products?

It Works! Global offers a comprehensive line-up of health and wellness products designed to support a range of lifestyle goals.

Here are some key benefits of It Works! products:

  1. Aid Weight Loss: The brand’s weight loss supplements can help support your efforts to shed unwanted pounds while maintaining lean body mass.
  2. Increase Energy Levels: Products like the energy drink provide a natural boost, helping users feel more alert and energetic.
  3. Enhance Focus: Some offerings are specifically crafted to improve focus and mental clarity, contributing to improved performance in daily activities.
  4. Digestive and Immune Support: Supplements with probiotics and enzymes assist in enhancing gut health, thereby strengthening immune function.
  5. Antioxidant-Rich: Certain products contain antioxidant-rich ingredients like green coffee bean extract, which helps fight free radicals in the body.
  6. Natural Ingredients: It Works uses plant extracts and other natural ingredients, making its products suitable for those seeking holistic wellness solutions.
  7. Multi-level Marketing Opportunities: Beyond health benefits, It Works also presents an opportunity for individuals interested in MLM business models to earn income by selling its highly sought-after products.
  8. Variety of Options: From weight management supplements to skincare lines, there are numerous options available for customers with different needs.

What is Le-Vel Thrive?

Le-Vel Thrive is a renowned brand in the health and wellness industry.

Created by Le-Vel, a cloud-based company applauded for its innovative business model, it offers the ‘Thrive Experience’.

This unique lifestyle plan promotes healthy living through daily supplementation involving capsules, shakes, and DFT adhesives designed to increase energy levels and aid weight management.

Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) forms one of its groundbreaking products that deliver supplement nutrients directly onto the skin instead of oral ingestion.

With over 10 million customers worldwide and more than $2 billion in sales within five years, this multi-level marketing company is making strides with its blend of plant extracts, enzymes, and antioxidants as active ingredients aiming to improve overall well-being.

However, controversy surrounds it with allegations about operating as an illegal pyramid scheme alongside claims of adverse health effects associated with using their products also surfacing online.

What are the benefits of Thrive products?

Thrive products, offered by Le-Vel, provide numerous benefits that can support overall health and wellness.

These benefits include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • Promotes weight loss and healthy weight management
  • Supports healthy digestion and immune function
  • Helps with healthy aging and brain function

After reading this entire article, don’t forget to read the article where I cover a full overview of It Works called It Works review.

Comparing It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive

Comparing It Works Global and Le-Vel Thrive

When comparing It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive, it’s important to consider factors such as product range, ingredients used, effectiveness, pricing, and customer reviews.

Read on to find out which one might be the best fit for you.

Product range and variety

It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive offer a diverse range of products to cater to different health and wellness needs.

It Works! Global provides a wide variety of supplements, body wraps, skincare products, and weight loss management systems.

Their product line includes items like probiotics for digestive health, thermogenic fat burners for weight loss support, and multivitamins for overall well-being.

On the other hand, Le-Vel Thrive offers premium lifestyle products focused on boosting energy levels and promoting weight management.

Their product range includes capsules, shakes, patches, and more.

Some key products from Le-Vel Thrive include their proprietary blend of plant extracts that aid in mental clarity and increased energy levels.

Ingredients used

Both It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive utilize a range of ingredients in their products, each with potential benefits.

It Works! Global incorporates ingredients like green coffee bean extract and white willow bark, which are known for their antioxidant properties and support for weight management.

On the other hand, Le-Vel Thrive includes a proprietary blend of plant extracts and vitamins to increase energy levels and promote overall wellness.

However, it is important to note that the safety and effectiveness of certain Thrive ingredients, particularly those found in the Thrive patch, have been the subject of scrutiny and investigation.

To make an informed decision about which brand is right for you, it may be helpful to consult doctors’ reviews as well as consider any potential adverse side effects reported by users.


Both It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive claim to provide effective products for various health benefits.

However, it is important to consider individual experiences and factors when evaluating their effectiveness.

While Le-Vel Thrive has achieved significant sales success, there are concerns about its business structure being a pyramid scheme.

This raises questions about the reliability of their claims.

Additionally, potential side effects and safety concerns should be taken into account when deciding on the effectiveness of these brands’ products.

Consumer reviews and testimonials can offer insights into personal experiences with both It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive products, helping individuals make informed decisions based on real-life results.


When it comes to pricing, both It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive offer a range of products at varying costs.

The startup cost for It Works! Global is known to be $99, although the startup cost for Le-Vel Thrive remains unmentioned in official documentation.

A one-month supply of Thrive M – Premium Lifestyle Capsules Mens from Le-Vel Thrive costs around $62.50, equating to roughly $2.08 per day or $760.42 annually.

On the other hand, a comprehensive 4-week experience with Thrive, including Lifestyle Capsules, Shake Mix, and Lifestyle DFTs, costs $150.

For couples, a comparable 4-week pack is priced at $300.

It Works! GlobalLe-Vel Thrive
Startup Cost$99Not mentioned
Thrive M – Premium Lifestyle Capsules Mens (per month)N/A$62.50
Thrive M – Premium Lifestyle Capsules Mens (per day)N/A$2.08
Thrive M – Premium Lifestyle Capsules Mens (per year)N/A$760.42
4-week Experience (Capsules, Shake Mix, DFTs)N/A$150
4-week Couples PackN/A$300

It’s vital to consider these costs when deciding between It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness and reliability of any product.

When it comes to comparing It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive, customer reviews can provide valuable insights.

Le-Vel Thrive has received mixed feedback from customers, with a rating of 2.79 out of 5 stars from 395 reviews.

While there are positive testimonials that point to the success of their products, there is also a significant number of dissatisfied customers.

This discrepancy raises concerns about the overall satisfaction and efficacy of Le-Vel Thrive’s offerings.

On the other hand, It Works! Global also has its fair share of customer reviews available online for comparison purposes.

These real-life experiences can help potential buyers make informed decisions based on what others have experienced with these products.

Choosing Between It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive

Choosing Between It Works Global and LeVel Thrive

Consider price, ingredients, benefits, and customer ratings to make an informed decision.

Read on for a detailed comparison!

Consideration factors such as price, ingredients, benefits, and customer ratings

Price, ingredients, benefits, and customer ratings are crucial factors to consider when choosing between It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive.

Here are some important points to keep in mind:


  • Both companies offer a range of products at different price points.
  • It Works! Global tends to be more affordable, with various pricing options available for customers.
  • Le-Vel Thrive may be slightly more expensive due to the premium quality of its products.


  • It Works! Global products contain a blend of natural ingredients such as plant extracts, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants.
  • Le-Vel Thrive products also include natural ingredients like green coffee bean extract and white willow bark.
  • It is essential to review the ingredient list carefully if you have any allergies or sensitivities.


  • It Works! Global focuses on providing overall wellness benefits, including weight management support, increased energy levels, and digestive health improvement.
  • Le-Vel Thrive promotes an active and healthy lifestyle with its range of products designed to increase energy levels, support weight loss efforts, and enhance mental clarity.

Customer Ratings:

  • Both companies have positive customer reviews for their products.
  • Many people who use It Works! Global products report improved energy levels, better well-being, and successful weight management results.
  • Le-Vel Thrive has received numerous positive reviews for its effectiveness in boosting energy levels and supporting weight loss goals.


It Works Vs Thrive FAQs

Q: What Is The Difference Between It Works And Thrive?

A: It Works and Thrive are both multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that offer health and wellness products. However, they have different product lines and compensation plans.

Q: What Is A Thrive Patch?

A: A Thrive patch is a weight loss patch that is designed to help support lean muscle and aid in weight management. It is applied to the skin and claims to deliver ingredients directly into the bloodstream.

Q: What Is The Active Ingredient In The Thrive Patch?

A: The Thrive patch contains a blend of ingredients, including ForsLean, green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract, CoQ10, and white willow bark extract. These ingredients are believed to support weight management and overall wellness.

Q: Is The Thrive Patch A Stimulant?

A: The Thrive patch does contain caffeine, which is a stimulant. However, the amount of caffeine in the patch is relatively small and may not have a significant stimulant effect for most individuals.

Q: Can The Thrive Patch Help With Weight Loss?

A: The Thrive patch is designed to support weight management by providing ingredients that may help with metabolism and overall well-being. However, it is important to note that weight loss is best achieved through a combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Q: Are There Any Negative Side Effects Of Using The Thrive Patch?

A: Some users have reported experiencing side effects such as skin irritation, cramps, and headaches while using the Thrive patch. It is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new weight loss or wellness product.

Q: Is Thrive Worth The Price?

A: Whether or not Thrive is worth the price is subjective and depends on individual preferences and budget. Some users find value in the products and the overall Thrive lifestyle formula, while others may not see the same benefits. It is recommended to do thorough research and read reviews before purchasing any products.


In conclusion, when choosing between It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive, it is important to consider factors such as pricing, ingredients, product variety, effectiveness, and customer reviews.

Each company offers its own unique approach to health and wellness, so individuals should carefully evaluate their personal needs and goals before making a decision.

Summary when choosing between It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive

It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive are both well-known companies in the health and wellness industry, offering a range of products aimed at improving overall well-being.

When choosing between them, there are several key differences and considerations to keep in mind.

Firstly, the product range and variety differ between It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive.

It Works! offers a wide array of products including weight management supplements, digestive aids, and skincare items.

On the other hand, Le-Vel Thrive focuses primarily on their flagship product line called Thrive Experience which includes capsules, shakes, and patches for weight management.

Secondly, the ingredients used in their respective products also vary.

While both companies utilize plant extracts and vitamins in their formulations, It Works! is known for incorporating green coffee bean extract and white willow bark into some of its products.

Meanwhile, Le-Vel Thrive emphasizes proprietary blends of ingredients designed to support lean muscle mass and increase energy levels.

Effectiveness is another important factor when comparing these two brands.

Customer reviews suggest that individuals have experienced positive results with both It Works! Global and Le-Vel Thrive products; however, it’s worth noting that each person’s body may react differently to different formulas.

Finally, pricing is an essential consideration for many consumers.

It Works! Global tends to be more affordable than Le-Vel Thrive when comparing similar types of products within their ranges.

The cost difference may impact people’s decision-making process depending on their budgetary constraints.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed reading my article, “It Works Vs Thrive”.

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