IQ Chain Review – Is It A Scam or Legitimate? [Exposed]

Welcome to my IQ Chain Review!

One of the questions that we need t take a look at is if IQ Chain is a scam?

We know that it can very hard t determine whether or not a company is a scam or not and decided to take it upon ourselves to analyze the different aspects of the program like the company, the products, and the compensation plan to help determine if it a legitimate program or not.

The reason why I decided to take a closer look at IQ Chain was due to some promotions that I’ve seen on social media and wanted to take a closer look.

We wouldn’t want to join a company that turns out to be a scam and then we end up losing a bunch of time and all the money that we invest into it.

IQ Chain Review

I’m finished doing some research and now I will publish my results.

With that said, let’s dive down.

IQ Chain Company Overview

In this section of the review, we are going to cover the information about the IQ Chain company.

The company website “” was registered on 4-2-2012.

IQ Chain Owner CEO Unknown

After looking around the company website we couldn’t find any information about who owns the company.

The IQ Chain company was originally named Ormus Global which launched last year.

Ormeus Global actually had their very own publicly traded altcoin around 10/2017.

The coin started out at about $5 but soon drastically dropped to around 0.86 cents In April 2018.

We are not sure if this was the cause for Ormeus Global to stop paying out their affiliates but we suspect this was the main reason why.

So, now after the failure of Ormeus Global, IQ Chain rose from the ashes sort of speak.

It has been said the IQ Chain is the rebirth or re-do for the failed Ormeus Global with many of the same aspects.

With that said, that is all the information I have about the IQ Chain.

Let’s check out the next section where I cover the products.

IQ Chain Products Review

IQ Chain Products No Retail

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at the products that IQ Chain offers.

Unfortunately, IQ Chain does not have any product for retail purchase even though they have an MLM business model with parts of the compensation plan that they offer.

However, they do seem to offer a health and wellness supplement that they call “Ormeus QI”, but this is only available to affiliate members.

This is all the information I have on the products, let’s move on to the compensation plan details.

IQ Chain Compensation Plan Breakdown

In this section of the review, we are going to break down the compensation plan and how you earn commissions.

Here is an image of the compensation plan or “opportunity” company page where they explain how the opportunity works.

IQ Chain Compensation Plan

Yeah, I think they need to update the video with a new one!

IQ Chain members invest in Ormeus Cash and Ormeus Coin looking like the following:

  • Copper: invest $ 500 and receive $ 120 in Ormeus Coin and $ 60 in Ormeus Cash
  • Bronze – invest $ 1000 and receive $ 240 in Ormeus Coin and $ 120 in Ormeus Cash
  • Titanium: invest $ 3000 and receive $ 720 in Ormeus Coin and $ 360 in Ormeus Cash
  • Silver – invest $ 5,000 and receive $ 1,200 in Ormeus Coin and $ 600 in Ormeus Cash
  • Sterling Silver – invest $ 10,000 and get $ 2400 in Ormeus currency and $ 1200 in Ormeus Cash
  • Gold – invest $ 30,000 and get $ 7200 in Ormeus Coin and $ 1500 in Ormeus Cash
  • Rose Gold – invest $ 50,000 and get $ 12,000 in Ormeus Coin and $ 6000 in Ormeus Cash
  • White Gold – invest $ 100,000 and get $ 24,000 in Ormeus Coin and $ 12,000 in Ormeus Cash
  • Gold Founder – invest $ 250,000 and receive $ 60,000 in Ormeus Coin and $ 30,000 in Ormeus Cash

IQ Chain you have two other affiliated groups that can not be called Platinum Founder and Presidential Founder:

  • Platinum Founder – qualify as Gold Founder and recruit at least two Gold Founders or generate 1,000,000 GV per month
  • Presidential Founder – qualify as Platinum Founder and recruit at least two Platinum Founders or generate 2,500,000 GV One month

In other words, you have to earn them.

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IQ Chain Trading Bot ROI

IQ Chain seems to exploit Ormeus Global’s “B2x89” trading bot that can produce up to 160% of ROI.

Ormeus Global stands loading $ 1500 a year for the licenses of this bot:

  • Copper – $ 80 investment bot trading credit (quota waived for one year)
  • Bronze – $ 160 credit bot for quit investment a year o)
  • Titanium – $ 480 credit bitrate (tax waived for one year)
  • Silver – $ 800 credit bot (tax waived for one year)
  • Sterling Silver – $ 1,600 credit trading bot investment (cost exempted for two years)
  • Gold – $ 4800 trade bot investment (tax waived for two years)
  • Rose Gold – $ 8,000 investment credit trading bot ( quota waived for three years)
  • White Gold – $ 16,000 trading credit to the bot investment (three-year waiver fee)
  • Gold Founder – $ 40,000 trading bot investment credit (commission waived four years)
  • Platinum and Presidential Founder – not disclosed

Sponsoring Commissions In IQ Chain

You Can Be Paid To Spon New Members Of This Investing Company.

You get paid for your members’ investments and the amount that will depend on your graded affiliation:

  • Copper affiliates receive a 6% commission
  • Bronze affiliates receive a 7% commission
  • Titanium affiliates receive a commission of 8%
  • Affiliates Silver receive a commission of 9%
  • Sterling Silver affiliates receive a commission of 10%
  • Gold members receive a commission of 11%
  • receives a commission of 12%
  • White affiliates Gold receive a commission of 13%
  • Gold Founder affiliates receive a commission of 15%
  • Platinum Founder and Presidential Founders receive a commission of 20%

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Residual Commissions In IQ Chain

The residual commissions are structured in a binary MLM commission structure.

Basically, when a position is filled, investment points are generated:

  • Copper affiliates generate 1500 points
  • Bronze affiliates generate 3000 points
  • Titanium affiliates generate 9000 pun ti
  • Silver Affiliates Generate 15,000 Points
  • Sterling Silver Affiliates Generate 30,000 Points
  • Gold Affiliates Generate 90,000 Points
  • Gold Rose Affiliates Generate 150,000 Points
  • Gold Affiliates generate 300,000 points
  • Gold Founder affiliates generate 750,000 points
  • Platinum Founder affiliates generate 1,000,000 points
  • generate 2,500,000 points

Now a commission is paid on the minor leg of the track every week:

  • Copper affiliates earn a 6% binary residual commission, with a ceiling of $1500 per week
  • Bronze affiliates earn a residual track of 7% Commission, with a cap of $3000 per week.
  • Titanium affiliates earn a residual binary commission of 8%, with a cap of $6000 per week
  • Yes Affiliates earn a residual binary commission of 9%, with a ceiling of $15,000 per week
  • Sterling Silver affiliates earn a 10% residual billing commission with a $30,000 per week ceiling
  • Gold affiliates earn a residual binary commission of 11%, with a limit of $45,000 a week
  • Rose Gold affiliates earn 12% of residual binary commissions, with a limit of $60,000 per week
  • White Gold affiliates earn 13% of residual binary commissions, with a limit of $75,000 per week
  • Gold Founder affiliates earn 15% residual binary commission, with a cap of $105,000 per week
  • Platinum Founder affiliates earn 20% of residual binary commissions, with a cap of $120,000 per week
  • Affiliates of the presidential founder earn a 20% residual binary commission, with a $175,000 cap per week

Infinity Bonus Payout

You can receive an endless bonus through I know the structure of the unilevel compensation plan.

IQ Chain Compensation Plan Structure

This is a percentage match of the remaining commissions earned by your team:

  • Copper affiliates receive the Infinity bonus
  • Bronze affiliates receive a 3% match on one level (personally recruited affiliates)
  • Titanium affiliates receive a 3% match on two levels
  • Silver affiliates receive a 3% match on three levels
  • Sterling Silver affiliates receive a 3% match on four levels
  • Gold members receive a 3% match on five levels
  • Rose Gold affiliates receive a 3% match on six levels
  • White Gold members receive a 3% match seven levels
  • Gold Founder members receive a match of 39; 1% until another Gold Founder or Higher Affiliate is Found
  • Platinum Founder Affiliates receive a share of 1% fin or when another Gold Founder or Affiliate
  • Presidential Founder is not found, affiliates receive a 3% match until another Gold Founder or Senior Affiliate is found

Coin Distribution Agreement

They are information about this, but they mention it in their compensation plan.

I know that dollar holder are provided:

  • Copper – $500
  • Bronze – $1000
  • Titanium – $3000
  • Silver – $5000
  • Sterling Silver – $10,000
  • Gold – $ 30,000
  • Rose Gold – $50,000
  • White Gold – $100,000
  • Gold Founder – $250,000
  • Platinum and Presidential Founder – Unpublished

That is really all there is to the IQ Chain compensation plan, let’s move on to the next section of the review.

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IQ Chain FAQ

In this section of the review, we are going to cover information about questions that one would have when thinking about joining the IQ Chain opportunity.

Is IQ Chain BBB Accredited?

No, IQ Chain is not accredited on the Better Business Bureau website.

This is not necessarily a trigger for a company being a scam if it is not listed or even accredited.

The BBB has been found that the rating system they offer can be manipulated, but the majority of times, either the company is not listed, or does not have enough time in business to get an accreditation.

I like going there just to see the reviews, but you have to get an eye for the fake ones and real ones.

How Much Does It Cost To Join IQ Chain?

IQ Chain can cost anywhere between $500 and $800,000 +.

Basically the more you invest, the higher the income potential in your compensation plan.

The moment you were waiting for this chain compensation plan of the IQ.

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Is IQ Chain A Scam?

Is IQ Chain A Scam

In my opinion, it is a scam.

A more technical definition would be a Ponzi Scheme.

The first thing that I saw was they offer no retail products, which needs to be in place for MLM compliance.

The next thing I see is that the coins have no value that they offer.

And the last reason is that I look at track records, and the last company or the prior name that they were running the company under failed to pay out their affiliates.

Last I checked, they still owe many of their affiliates and have no plans on paying them back which is a HUGE negative scam mark for me.

My Final IQ Chain Review and Thoughts

In the last section of the review, I am going to share my final thoughts about the IQ Chain opportunity.

There are a lot of issues that I see after researching the company as a whole.

The first and biggest problem is that it is a reboot of Ormeus Global which has failed to pay out its affiliates to this day.

I would be really upset to see a company that failed and kept my commissions just to open up in a different name soon after.

I wouldn’t touch that company and do all that I could to share what happened to protect others from having the same outcome.

Here is the question…

Would I recommend or join IQ Chain?

I would not join IQ Chain nor would I recommend this program.

We are all old enough to make up our own minds about joining an opportunity or not, but this time you know all the facts so that you can have a better understanding of this company.

I hope you enjoyed my IQ Chain review.

Make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page and share it with others so that they know what the IQ Chain opportunity is really all about.

Thank you!

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