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InternetProfit.org Review – A Scam Or Another GOTCHA Website?

Hello and welcome to my InternetProfit.org review.

Is InternetProfit.org a scam?

This is one of the questions that we are going to look into today.

We are also going to take a look at the company and who owns it, the products or services they offer, and the compensation plan or how you get paid with this program.

If you are wondering if InternetProfit.org is a scam then you are in the right place.

I am going to tear it down, and give you a full review on how everything works and finally give you my thoughts about it.

I decided to take a closer look at the program because I found that this site is very popular and getting a lot of attention.

Furthermore, I wanted to see what all the commotion was about.

So, below you are going to see exactly what you are getting, and I think that you are going to be really surprised at what I found.

In the first section of my review, I am going to cover what it is.

Let’s get started.

My InternetProfit.org Review – What Is It?

The new site that I am referring to in my review is called InternetProfit.org.

This is a program designed to help you earn commissions online.

But what exactly is it?

I just completed some reviews on the Amazon Cash Machines that is the program that this site leads people in.

Another website that leads into Amazon Cash Machines is Money Sucking Websites.

Amazon Cash machines is an affiliate program the lures people in by selling people on the opportunity that they can make money with Amazon.

But the entire program is a scam

The InternetProfit.org site is designed as a news site to trick people into believing that the publications came from real news publications.

Internetprofit.org review

The website probably looks a lot like the one pictured above.

The site talks a lot about the amazing opportunity that you can have by using the program that they offer.

The site even has a picture of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the wealthiest men in the world.

The site has some testimonials that we confirmed to be fake.

The site also contains images from legit news sites like ABC, Fox News, and Forbes but these are not recommendations, these are just photoshopped images that were slapped on the site to try to make people think that it is a legitimate opportunity.

These are very misleading marketing tactics that have been frowned upon in the marketing world, but apparently, they still continue to thrive.

Amazon Cash Machines and Money Sucking Websites are sites that I reviewed a few weeks ago that are exactly the same thing as InternetProfit.org.

Apparently, they have different avenues of publications and claim to be all the same official site.

So I feel that it is important to cover all of them so that you can know what you are getting fooled by.

I know the intentions of the product owners is.

It is to take as much money from you to teach you methods that are vaguely similar to earning any kind of income with Amazon.

I hope you are paying close attention to my review about InternetProfit.org and have an idea of what it is at this point.

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How does InternetProfit.org Work?

You have probably landed here on my review to learn more about this opportunity from an email promotion or an advertisement you had seen online and clicked on it.

This program is listed on a ton of affiliate networks with different websites.

They all lead to the same product, and apparently, it is popular with many affiliates.

Probably because it sells well.

But what are they promoting is not going to help people earn income online?

They claim it is so easy, and income will happen quickly.

This does not happen ever, it takes dedication, a lot of hard work, and education on how to market.

Then you have to apply those methods and eventually, you will get better and better at what you do.

As you can see in the image below this is the main website that they pull you into.

They claim that you can make $500 a day from day 1.

I mean, seriously!

This is very amusing to me, but really it is not.

Here’s what the sales page looks like:

Internetprofit.org Scam Site

Who Are The Owners?

Nobody really knows who the owners are, it is a mystery.

Is InternetProfit.org A Scam Site

Yes, it is a scam.

Is InternetProfit.org A Scam Website

As you can see with all the information that I covered about this website that ultimately leads to Amazon Cash machines that you can find my full review on in an earlier post.

I can tell you that this is a scam because I have been an Internet Marketer for many years, and have masterminded with some of the best product creators, and affiliate marketers.

None of us has had instant quick results like the website claims that you can have above with making $500 in a day.

It just doesn’t happen, ever.

Even with the best converting system that is out there, you are still going to have to learn how to drive targeted traffic to get leads into your funnel that will eventually convert.

This takes skill and practice that doesn’t happen overnight.

The only people that will earn money from this program are without a doubt the owners of InternetProfit.org.

And the shady affiliates that are promoting it as well.

Take it from this old guy that has been a full-time Internet Marketer for over 11 years to go ahead and pass on this, and save yourself money, a lot of time, and stress.

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My Final InternetProfit.org Review and Thoughts

In my personal opinion, this program is a big waste of time.

For both you and me, but I wanted to take the time and review the InternetProfit.org site so that you can have the opportunity to be warned about it.

I don’t like to see people scammed out there.

When I do my reviews I really think about if it was my mother or a family member looking at the program.

With internet profit.org, I would tell them to stay far away because it is a scam, and I would tell you the same thing.

Don’t fall for the “make $500 in a day” and just move on to something that can actually work and make a difference.

Make sure to check out the links on this page for a great program that is not a scam so that you can get started on the right path.

And make sure to share this review by clicking on the social share buttons so that you can warn others about this program as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my InternetProfit.org review.

Until next time…

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