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What Is Instant Trade LTD: Full Review – Read Before you Join!

Welcome to my Instant Trade LTD review.

Cryptocurrency trading has been on the rise over the years.

The cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile market that presents a risk for investment.

Instant Trade LTD Review

However, if you are careful and make smart decisions in order to mitigate your risks, you can earn a lot of money trading cryptocurrencies.

Is Instant Trade LTD a company you can earn passive cryptocurrency profits with?

My review will cover if it really is a company that you can earn passive crypto profits or if it is a program to stay away from by reviewing what they offer and how it works.

With that said, let’s get started.

What Is Instant Trade LTD?

What Is Instant Trade LTD

Instant Trade LTD is an automatic investment platform that will take the money that you invest into their platform and make you a promised ROI by using professional traders and investors that use cryptocurrency trading to sustain profits for all their members.

This is what the company claims on its company website.

Whether this is true or not is yet to be determined because there is no proof, charts, or anything to put serious investors at ease with documentation at this time.

Company Details

The Instant Trade LTD company is based in the United Kingdom, according to the company website.

Their contact details are:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: Only Listed For VIP Members

When trying to find information about the owner of Instant Trade LTD on the company website, there was none to reference.

I really don’t like when a company doesn’t list who the owner is on the company website because it sends a message to serious investors that they do not want to be 100% transparent for some reason.

I looked up the domain name, but here is what I found:

  • The domain name “instanttradeltd.com” was last updated on 6-23-2021
  • The domain name was privately registered

When a domain name is updated, it simply means that they have new owners.

When the domain name WHOIS information is set to private, it means that the domain name ownership is hidden.

This is all the information that I was able to find out about who is behind the company and any details about the company, which is not much.

With that covered, let’s continue.

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How Does Instant Trade LTD Work?

How Instant Trade LTD Works

In this section of my Instant Trade LTD review, I am going to explain how the program works.

The first thing you are going to want to do if you decide to join is to find someone that is promoting Instant Trade and join through their affiliate referral link.

When you create your account, you will have the option to promote the program as a free member or as an investing member.

Free members do not participate in the promised ROI that the company offers when you make an investment in one of the packages they offer.

The next step is to get familiar with your back office and the navigation area. You are going to want to learn the deposit area, the withdrawal page, and the affiliate referral page.

If you are going to become an investing member, Instant Trade LTD offers 2 investment packages to choose from.

The minimum amount to start earning a daily ROI is $20.

Once you make a deposit in one of the investment packages, you will have to wait a short time for the transaction to go through.

Deposits can be made with several cryptocurrencies and also payment processors like Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

Once your transaction finalizes, you will start to see daily profit in your back office area.

The company claims that the cryptocurrency profit that is generated is done by professional traders and investors that they use.

Additionally, you can start sharing your affiliate referral link also located in your back office to earn affiliate commissions from the referrals that make deposits.

That is really all there is to how Instant Trade LTD works, let’s continue.

What Products/Services Does Instant Trade LTD Offer?

In this section of my Instant Trade LTD review, I am going to cover the products/services you get as a member of the company.

The product/service that Instant Trade offers is guaranteed profits from your investment through company professional cryptocurrency traders and investors.

This is what the company has written on the company website, but we are not sure how true this is due to the company not having any data or documents supporting this claim.

With that said, let’s continue on to the next section.

How Does Instant Trade LTD Pay Its Members?

Instant Trade LTD Investment Plans

In this section of my Instant Trade LTD review, I am going to cover the ways that you can make money with the program.

There are 2 ways that you can make money with Instant Trade LTD which are:

  • ROI Profits
  • Referral Affiliate Commissions

Getting Started and ROI Profits

When you join, you are going to have a decision to either promote the program for free, promote the company as an investing member, or join just as an investing member.

If you decide to invest, the company offers a daily ROI that pays you a daily profit without having an expiration period of time.

What that means is that the company will pay you a daily profit on your investment forever, without any cut-off!

Seems unrealistic to me, but hey, I like it!

But to be honest, is it really sustainable? Probably not…

Either way, the company offers 2 investment plans that you can earn a daily ROI with.

Here are the details of the 2 investment plans:

  • Investment Plan 1 – This investment plan will require $20 to $5,000,000 to join. This plan offers a DAILY 15% ROI that pays you forever!
  • Investment Plan 2 – This investment plan will require $1001 to $5,000,000 to join. This plan offers an HOURLY 110% ROI!

Apparently, the daily ROI that you will earn from either plan has no time frame or cut-off, so essentially, you will earn this forever?

Referral Affiliate Commissions

Instant Trade LTD Referral Affiliate Commissions

The referral affiliate commissions that Instant Trade LTD offers are based on an MLM unilevel structure.

The unilevel they use to pay and track your referral affiliate commissions has a total of 3 levels.

For those that are not familiar with the unilevel structure, here is a quick breakdown:

  • The first level of your unilevel will only have your personally referred people on it.
  • The second level of your unilevel will only have team members that your level 1 members personally referred to it.
  • The third level of your unilevel will only have team members that your level 2 members personally referred to it.
  • and so on…

The commissions that you earn are based on investments that are made from these members in your downline.

Free members do not account for any referral commissions.

Here is a breakdown of the commission percentage you will earn per level:

  • Level 1 – You will earn 0.5% from your personally referred members that make investments.
  • Level 2 – On this level, you will earn 1% from investing members.
  • Level 3 – On this level, you will earn 2% from investing members.

That is all there is to how you can make money with Instant Trade LTD, with that covered, let’s continue.

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Instant Trade LTD Pros and Cons

In this section of my Instant Trade LTD review, I am going to cover the pros and cons that I found being a member of the program.


Here are some of the pros that I found with the Instant Trade LTD program:

  • The first pro would be the ability to earn cryptocurrency with Instant Trade LTD.
  • The second would have to be the automatic platform that is promising that you are going to earn daily crypto when you make an investment.
  • The high ROIs that the company offers would have to be another pro that I see.
  • The ease of use of the platform.
  • The zero-fee withdrawals would be another great pro.
  • The multiple options to make a deposit.


Here are some of the cons that I found with the Instant Trade LTD program:

  • Lack of transparency would be a huge con in my opinion.
  • There is no proof or documentation on how the company is earning the profit they say they are through the trading and investing practices they claim they do.
  • Instant Trade LTD is a new company which I would classify as a con just because of the headaches that all new companies experience in their first year.

Is Instant Trade LTD Safe?

Is Instant Trade LTD Safe

To be honest, the company is too new to say that Instant Trade LTD is safe or not.

If I were to base if this company is safe based on the information that I was able to gather on them that I listed on this review, I would have to say I would be hesitant to invest with them personally.

With that said, let’s finish up.

Conclusion: Instant Trade LTD Review – Read Before You Join!

In the last section of my Instant Trade LTD review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation about the program with you.

To be honest, there are a lot of companies that promise you can earn an ROI through trading, and many of them are not really trading anything.

What many of these types of companies do is take new investment money to pay the ROIs for the existing members.

I am not saying that Instant Trade LTD is doing that, but then again, they are not providing any documentation or proof that they are?

Another concerning factor is that they are not being transparent about who is running the company, which is usually a red flag 98% of the time.

However, there are some companies that are transparent and do provide documentation that you can join to earn a legitimate ROI, that you can learn about by clicking here.

If you were to ask me…

Do I Recommend Instant Trade LTD?

At this time, with the information that I found about the company and the concerns that I have, I personally can’t recommend Instant Trade LTD at this time.

If they provided documentation or proof of the profit that is generated through their trading and investing efforts, I will have much more confidence in recommending this company.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Instant Trade LTD review.

If you have any comments or questions about my review or the company, please leave them below.

Also, before you leave, please click on the social share buttons below to share my review with others to help support my work.

Thank you!

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