GrenMiner Review: 2450% ROI Scam Or Real Mining Profits?

If you’re looking for a good GrenMiner review that will answer your questions before you join, then this is it!

There are many people looking for passive income companies that can offer ROI income in cryptocurrency.

GrenMiner says that they can do just that through the investment strategies they do to earn profit for their investment plans.

GrenMiner Review

However, there are many companies that have similar claims that turn out to be fake claims or the company shuts down due to a variety of bad reasons.

However, there are a handful of legit companies that do offer legit ROIs.

Let’s dig in and see if GrenMiner is a great company that can offer legit returns or a company that you should not join due to too many issues.

GrenMiner Review – Overview

1. Company: GrenMiner
2. Type: ROI, Crypto, Referral Program
3. CEO: Unknown
4. Cost: Minimum .001 BTC
5. Payment/Withdrawal Methods: BTC, TRX, Dodge, USDT, XML, and more…
6. Money-Back Guarantee: None
7. Support:, online support form
8. Website:
9. Low/Medium/High-Risk?: High

Quick Summary: GrenMiner is an investment company that offers investment plans that generate very high ROIs in a short amount of time, based on investment strategies mostly done through mining cryptocurrencies.

The company also offers members a referral program to earn additional income.

This company attracts people that are interested in:

  • Passive Income
  • ROI Programs
  • Crypto
  • Referral Programs

While I can agree that many of the aspects that I listed above will be attractive to many people, we still have to do our research before diving into anything that we are going to invest in, whether it is our time or money.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons…

GrenMiner PROS

Here are some of the pros:

  • A fast return on investment
  • Very high ROIs
  • Deposits made in cryptocurrency
  • Referral program

GrenMiner CONS

Here are some of the cons:

  • No information about the owner or management team
  • No proof of any mining or investment strategies
  • No data on the profit or losses from their investment strategies
  • No data on how they can sustain such high ROIs
  • GrenMiner is a very new company without any history

Scam Or Legit/Safe? – Verdict

What Is GrenMiner

If you are looking for a legitimate business, then I cannot say that GrenMiner is a scam or legit.

However, there are many things that make GrenMiner very suspicious about the longevity of the program.

I would be very cautious about joining based on the lack of very important information about their investment strategies and their very high rates of returns.

But like you, I can’t see into the future, so I can’t say that GrenMiner will become a scam, but if you do decide to join, I would just say…

GrenMiner is a high-risk opportunity because of the issues that were found.

In the following sections of my review, I’ve included much more detailed information about GrenMiner.

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What Is GrenMiner?

What Is GrenMiner

GrenMiner is an investment company that engages in cryptocurrency mining and other investment activities that offer investment plans that offer a very high rate of returns.

However, when looking into the way they generate profit, there was no information about the specifics on how the profits are generated or how they can be sustained.

There is also no history of the company, but they claim they can generate such high returns and them being sustainable, which is very hard to believe.

Company Details

Unfortunately, when doing research on the company, there was not a lot of information to be found.

One of the most important details of an investment company like this is to know who the owner is and the management team.

This information about the management team will give us details about the experience the owner has in this type of business and give us information about any mishandling they had in the past.

The company does have a UK registration, which is easy to get, and registered under GrenMiner Limited. The incorporation was on 3-22-2022.

The address provided on the incorporation is used by a leasing service for small office spaces, which means that the address was used by GrenMiner to be their own, which is not true.

When doing a domain name lookup, here is what I found:

  • The domain name “” was registered on 3-19-2022 and updated on 4-28-2022
  • The domain name and contact details were all private.

Since the domain name was private, there is no additional public information that was given on the whois data.

With the company details covered, let’s continue.

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What Products/Services Does GrenMiner Offer?

In this section of my GrenMiner review, I am going to share the details that I found about the products/services they offer.

The only service that the company offers is its investment plans that offer a very high ROI in a short amount of time, usually referred to as HYIP investment plans.

The company also offers a referral program for members.

With the services/products covered, let’s continue.

How Do Members Make Money With GrenMiner?

In this section of my GrenMiner review, I am going to share the details about the ways that members can make money with them.

There are 2 ways that members can make money with GrenMiner:

  • The Investment Plan Profits
  • Referral Program Commissions

Getting Started and Investment Plans

GrenMiner Investment Plans

The first way that members can make money is passively through their HYIP investment plans.

The investment plans are said, by the company, to generate profit through mining cryptocurrencies and other related investment strategies that I cannot confirm.

Apparently, the ROIs are also in set amount percentages that they can guarantee.

It is hard to believe especially when the crypto market can become quite volatile, and again, the company does not provide any proof of how sustainable these ROIs are.

There are a total of 4 investment plans that members can choose from.

Here are the details of what the investment plans pay, and the time periods for each plan:

  • Investment Plan 1 – This plan requires a deposit of $10 to $50,000 to start. This plan pays a total ROI of 108% in 24 hours.
  • Investment Plan 2 – This plan requires a deposit of 10 to $50,000 to start. This plan pays a total ROI of 115% after 1 day.
  • Investment Plan 3 – This plan requires a deposit of $10 to $50,000 to start. This plan pays a total ROI of 270% after 5 days.
  • Investment Plan 4 – This plan requires a deposit of $10 to $50,000 to start. This plan pays a total ROI of 2,450% after 16 days.

Referral Program Details

GrenMiner Affiliate Referral Program

The second-way members can make money with the GrenMiner opportunity is through the referral program they offer.

The referral program pays members when they refer people to the program who deposit money into the investment plans.

There are also multiple levels the company pays on, so a member can make money from their personally referred members and downline members as well.

There is a total of 3 levels that the company pays referral members on.

Payments are a percentage of the total deposit made and are different percentages per the 3 levels available for members’ referral commissions.

Here are the details of what a member can earn if they decide to refer people to GrenMiner and build a downline:

  • Level 1 – The first level will pay 6% of the deposits made by personally referred members.
  • Level 2 – The second level pays 1% of the deposits made by members that fall on the 2nd level of the compensation plan.
  • Level 3 – The third level pays 1% of the deposits made by members that fall on the 3rd level of the compensation plan.

As a referral member, you can make money through referrals that deposit, but you don’t have to make a deposit to earn from the referral program yourself.

These are all the ways that members can make money with the GrenMiner company, with that covered, let’s continue.

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What’s The Cost To Join?

The minimum cost to join the investment plans that GrenMiner offers is $10 in a variety of crypto payment options.

A member will have to send the investment from their crypto wallet of choice.

With that covered, let’s finish up!

Conclusion: GrenMiner Review

In the last section of my GrenMiner review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation about them.

At this point in my GrenMiner review, I hope I was able to answer all of your questions.

If you have any additional questions or want to leave a comment, please do so in the comment section below.

With that, here are my final thoughts…

Would I Recommend GrenMiner?

After reviewing all the information about the company that I was able to gather, I would not be able to recommend it at this time due to the issues I found.

If you want to learn about the passive income programs that I recommend and are tested, then click here.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my GrenMiner review.

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