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FundsFact Review – Scam? Compensation Plan Explained

Welcome to my FundsFact Review.

Is FundsFact a scam?

This is one of the questions that you are going to want to know the answer to, and we are going to give you the answer as to whether it is a scam or not.

We are also going to dive in and take a look at the company and ownership information, the products or service they offer, and the compensation plan, and how you earn commissions with the FundsFact opportunity.

FundsFact Review

The reason why I decided to take a closer look at FundsFact and review it was that I started to see some people promoting it and wanted to know more about it myself.

I felt that I should share the information that I find in my researching efforts with you and my readers to get some answers to questions that you might have if you are interested in FundsFact.

Make sure to stick around and check out my other articles on my site.

With that said, let’s dive down.

The first section of my review will cover what the FundsFact opportunity is all about, then I will start with the company overview.

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The FundsFact Review – How It Works

The FundsFact opportunity is an MLM program that is designed to help you earn money online through a revenue-sharing model.

How Does FundsFact Work

The FundsFact is designed in a PTC platform as well.

FundsFact claims:

  • It is a revenue-sharing and PTC model combined
  • No Surfing Required
  • Earn revenue from their sales up to 150%
  • Daily cap earning up to 5%
  • The revenue share earnings are distributed hourly

I will cover more about this in my products section below.

How FundsFact Work

The way that FundsFact work is:

  • First, you add funds and buy an ad pack.
  • Start earning up to 5% daily from revenue sharing every 60 minutes.
  • Optional – Click on PTC ads daily to earn more money.
  • Withdraw your funds instantly to your processor.

The next section is the first part of a review I like to cover because it reveals a lot about the legitimacy of a company.

There might be details that are found or not found that is a sign that can tell you if a company is designed to be long-term or short-term.

Let’s dive down and check out the details that the FundsFact company according to the company website.

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The FundsFact Company Review

The FundsFact company launched on March 26th, 2018.

FundsFact Reviews

There is no mention of who owns and operates the FundsFact business.

What we do know is the domain name FundsFac.com was registered on March 10, 2018.

And that about covers it.

It is always very suspicious when we don’t find any information about the company owners on the website.

That is just an indication that they want to hide something.

I don’t feel they simply left it out on accident because their website is quite nice looking, and I can’t imagine that was by mistake.

This will get a negative strike that will go into the scam bucket.

If you are proud of what you put out to the public as far as an opportunity to better people’s lives financially, then the owner needs to be transparent on everything.

With that said, upon further investigation, I found a Facebook page that was had information about who owns the FundsFact opportunity.

The information was a bit sketchy, and only take this information with a grain of salt.

But what I found is a guy of the name Raj seems to own FundsFact.com, which is operated out of India.

Either way, very suspicious.

With that said, let’s move to the next section of my review which is the products that FundsFact offers.

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The FundsFact Products Review

FundsFact doesn’t offer any digital or physical products.

FundsFact Products Review

What they offer as far as products are various forms of ads.

The products that FundsFact have listed on their website are:

  • PTC Ads – These ads you can pay for just by clicking on them and watching the ad for a period of time.
  • Login Ads – When a member logs in they will be able to see your ad.
  • Banner Ads – This ad is an image that will be displayed in the back office for all members.
  • Text Ads – This is a sentence phrase in your member’s back office that you can get clicks on.
  • PPC Ads – This is a form of advertising that you only pay when a member clicks on your ad in their back office.

That really is all there is to it as far as the products that the company has listed on the company website.

Let’s move on to the next section of my review which is the compensation plan and how you get paid.

The FundsFact Compensation Plan

The FundsFact compensation plan is designed in an MLM revenue sharing structure.

FundsFact Revenue Share Review Chart

With that said, many of these programs are known not to last long and are very well-known for getting regulators involved and having the programs shut down when the company reaches a certain size.

Maybe that is what Raj or whoever it is that owns FundsFact is preparing for and that is the reason for them not revealing their true identity?

Either way, this is how their revenue sharing model works.

There are 4 plans that you can invest in and earn a daily revenue share ROI.

  • Plan 1 – Invest $5 and get 120% of ROI in 40 days and reaches maturity in 40 days
  • Plan 2 – Invest $25 and get 130% of ROI in 37 days and reaches maturity in 37 days
  • Plan 3 – Invest $100 and get 140% of ROI in 35 days and reaches maturity in 35 days
  • Plan 4 – Invest $250 and get 150% ROI in 30 days and reaches maturity in 30 days

With the ROI answered for the investment that you make, let’s answer what you get in ad credits.

Plan 1

  • PTC Credits – 300
  • PPC Credits – 10
  • Login Ad Credit – 1 Day
  • Banner Credits – 1,000
  • Text Credits – 1,000

Plan 2

  • PTC Credits – 2500
  • PPC Credits – 50
  • Login Ad Credit – 5 Day
  • Banner Credits – 5,000
  • Text Credits – 5,000

Plan 3

  • PTC Credits – 25000
  • PPC Credits – 200
  • Login Ad Credit – 10 Day
  • Banner Credits – 50,000
  • Text Credits – 50,000

Plan 4

  • PTC Credits – 10000
  • PPC Credits – 500
  • Login Ad Credit – 20 Day
  • Banner Credits – 150,000
  • Text Credits – 150,000

FundsFact Referral Commissions

When you sponsor people into FundsFact you can also earn referral commissions with the initial investment that your personal members make, plus every time a repurchase is made as well.

The percentages are as followed:

  • Level 1 (personal sponsorship affiliates) – 8%
  • Level 2 – 4%
  • Level 3 – 2%

Basically, for all your personally referred members you will earn 8% on all their purchases and repurchases.

When your personal members refer new members to the opportunity those members will fall on your level 2 where you can earn 4% commissions from those members.

When your level 2 members refer people into the program, those members will land on your level 3 where you can earn 2% commissions from those members.

The next section of my review will cover my FundsFact FAQ.

The FundsFact FAQ

How Much Does It Cost To Join FundsFact?

The cost to join FundsFact is free unless you want to earn from the revenue share program that they have.

If you want to participate in the revenue sharing with daily ROI then you are going to have to invest in one of the packages mentioned above which starts at $5 USD.

Is FundsFact Accredited with the BBB?

No, FundsFact is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Is FundsFact a scam?

In my opinion, it is not a scam if they pay out commissions.

Is FundsFact A Scam

With that said, is it a Ponzi Scheme.

With the information that I have found published here on my review for you and what history tells us with programs that were so similar in design is yes, it is a Ponzi Scheme.

Due to the fact that they have no real product as far as digital or physical, the earning revenue sharing model is dealing with money coming into the program to pay out new members and current members.

This model is not sustainable for the long-term.

It will eventually bottle-neck.

My Final FundsFact Review and Thoughts

Finally, we are at the end of this review about FundsFact.

We have covered a lot of information here in my review.

We covered the shady information about the company and who owns it, the so-called products that this opportunity offers, and the questionable compensation plan.

I think you can take a guess what my answer to whether or not I would personally recommend this company or not would be.

The pros I have…

  • I like the website

The cons that I have…

  • It’s a Ponzi scheme.

Now that you have all the information about the FundsFact opportunity it is up to you to make a choice.

To join FundsFact or to not join.

We are all adults here and the choice is yours.

Of course, I want you to join me in my program, but that is also your decision.

I hope you enjoyed my FundsFact review, make sure to share this review by clicking on the social share buttons on this page.

Thank you.

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