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Elevated Legacy University Review – Scam? How Does It Work

Welcome to my Elevated Legacy University Review.

Is Elevated a scam?

Elevated Legacy is a new commercial opportunity launched by Vincent Ortega.

In this review we are going to take a closer look into the company and who owns it, the products/services they offer, and the compensation plan, and the way that you can make money with Elevated Legacy.

We want to make sure it’s worth it before we get involved, right?


So I recently saw some promotions with a sales pitch trying to sell me on the opportunity and the products, but like with any company I come across, I wanted to make sure it’s legit, and now a scam.

So after I was done researching I felt that it should be in everyone’s best interest to share the results I found here.

Vincent Ortega has been very successful in past opportunities and many of you probably seen some of his videos.

Anyways, let’s dive down and let me share my full review with you so that you can get all the details.

Elevated Legacy Review

Elevated Legacy is a program that you can make money with online by using their useful Internet Marketing tools and training.

At the time of pre-launch Vincent Ortega is offering a 20% share that will be distributed evenly through all that get involved with certain criteria.

Vincent Ortega is the creator and the owner of Elevated Legacy University.

Elevated Legacy University Reviews

One of the things that I like about this company that separates it from all the scam companies is that the company owners are transparent.

Vincent actually does the majority of the videos that are produced about the company, products, and training himself.

In the past, Vincent is known for creating massive commissions with a few different opportunities in the past.

He usually was on all the leaderboards.

But there is always that mark on the resume that doesn’t look good.

Vincent was part of Digital Altitude that we know got shut down by the feds that called it a scam.

But hey, Vincent wasn’t the owner of that company to his benefit, he was just a victim of circumstance.

It’s was a messy shutdown that had some ugly consequences for the owners that to my understanding are still going through some legal troubles.


We are not here for the past, we are here now, and what Vincent is doing now with his new program.

The program is quite intriguing with what he is offering.

I decided to take a look at what is actually being brought to the market with Elevated Legacy.

Is he trying to compete or be an alternative to Clickfunnels?

Is this the new Clickfunnels Alternative?

Well, we are going to dive down and take a look at what Elevated Legacy is all about and how it works.

Vincent Ortega is known for creating some of the highest converting sales funnels and has proven results.

It will be nice to see more competition in the market because ultimately that is a good thing for the customer.

Let’s see if Elevated Legacy University can be a good or better alternative to Clickfunnels.

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How Does Elevated Legacy University Work?

Vincent Ortega is normally associated with the make money online niche.

But this is different.

First of all, he is the owner and creator of the company but this is actually a tools company.

The way it works is that you come in as a customer and get some great tools for Internet Marketing along with some awesome training from some great trainers with Vincent Ortega being one of them.

This is not the typical high-priced program that only offers training which is a plus.

Let’s take a look at what type of tools and software Elevated Legacy offers.

What Tools/Software Does Elevated Legacy University Offer?

Elevated Legacy Products Review

In this section of my review, I am going to give you some details about the tools that Elevated Leverage offers.

I am going to give an overview of some of my personal thoughts about each one.

Let’s get started…

Capture Page Builder

Elevated Legacy Review Of The Company

One of the first tools that are offered by Elevated Legacy is capture pages.

Capture pages are essential to Internet Marketers.

These types of marketing pages are used to ‘capture’ the email of prospects by offering them something of interest.

Whether it is a free offer, a video, a webinar, or something that is going to provide value to the customer.

They will have to enter their email address to get the information that you are sharing.

Money is on the list and the best marketers in the world have email lists and continue to build them.

When you build a good email list, you can send out an email notification for anything you want.

Like an offer, training, updates, a product launch, etc…

This can turn out to be a great alternative to Clickfunnels which is one of the industry leaders that many top Internet Marketers use for marketing online.

But it has not released yet, so it is yet to be determined.

Email Autoresponder

Elevated Legacy also includes an email autoresponder where it can store and send out emails to all of your leads.

Email autoresponders in combination go hand in hand with each other.

There are problems that the majority if not all systems like this have.

Even Clickfunnels have issues with this added software.

See, what happens is that there is no trust with the email providers like Gmail and Yahoo, that trust is earned over time and needs to be nurtured.

It takes time and history.

What I know about this service is that it is on one server so you will be competing with everyone on the server and hope that everyone is staying in compliance plus not get many spam hits against them.

This will never happen and because of this, that is why these internal email autoresponder systems don’t work for very long.

That is why the majority of email marketers use mainstream and proven providers like Aweber.

Aweber is the one I’ve been using for many years, it’s not perfect, but none of them are.

Additionally, services like Aweber will last and give decent inboxing through time.

Lead Capture Pop-Ups

Popups are those boxes that pop up when you visit some websites online.

They are meant to either capture an email or send them to an additional page.

They usually can be set to trigger the “popup” when a visitor is leaving, or after a visitor has been on your site for a period of time among other functionality.

Not sure of the full capabilities that the popups will have at this time.

Either way, popups are a great way to get another chance at capturing the visitor’s email address.

This is a great software that is offered here.

Blog Creator

Elvated Legacy Review Of The Company

A blog is another aspect that you will get with Elevated Legacy.

This is always a good product to add to the listing of software with these types of programs.

Some very popular companies have a really great blog network that gets amazing results when used like the Wealthy Affiliate.

I personally have reservations when using a third-party company that hosts my money sites due to the simple fact that I wouldn’t own them.

If Elevated Legacy has the ability where you can add your own domain and where it is a WordPress site that has the function to store full backups on your own server, then yes that would be a 100% winner.

Not sure if they are going to offer all of that functionality or if it’s going to be its own “special” blog site that can only be hosted on its own server because the company has not launched yet.

If it is the latter, then I wouldn’t recommend that service for anything other than using it for extra articles that you can point back to your money sites with hyperlinks.

One of the main aspects that one should do is to start a blog, and using WordPress is a great blog software to use.

Anyways, I hope that you can do everything that I mentioned earlier that would make it great, but skeptical.

We are just going to wait and see for now.

Another angle that the company might use is to add “fixed” promotional widgets to the sidebar and within the content that if for any reason you quit, that content will stay alive and those promotional links will be redirected to the company or a link where the company specifies.

I’m not saying that they are going to do this, but I’ve seen many companies do this practice in the past.

Personally, just build a blog on WordPress on your own servers, you will be better off in the end.

Additional Software Tools

  • Integrations
  • Website builder
  • A / B testing
  • Multiple themes
  • Quiz creator
  • Course creator
  • Group creator
  • Forum creator
  • Scarcity marketing
  • Content marketing tools
  • Testimony tools
  • Marketing training courses

As you can see, Elevated Legacy offers several software/tools and features.

Elavated Legacy Product Reviews

One of the main things to take note of is how good they are.

I’ve been part of companies and went in thinking that everything was amazing then when trying to use many of the tools they turned out to be really buggy and not work as advertised.

I hope this is not the case with Vincent Ortega’s Elevated Legacy.

One of the things that I see happening with all the software tools that are being offered is information overload especially with the newbies that never worked with page builders before.

For an experienced persona like me that have used several page builders with different functionalities, I don’t see any problems.

We just have to wait and see if there are any bugs.

One of the features that Clickfunnels have that I hope this program will have is the ability to create membership sites that have payment cart integrations.

Another great feature would be to have the ability to integrate with JVZOO and Warrior Plus, just for us that do affiliate marketing as well and also to sell your own products.

It’s not clear as of right now that this feature would be included, but you would think so especially if they want to compete with a program like Clickfunnels if that was the intention.

I would use the blog and create content but only as supporting content for my main sites.

Overall, I feel that the tools are perfect for the Internet Marketer to have and earn money with many programs and offers that you can become an affiliate for.

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The Elevated Legacy University Compensation Plan

This program is not the typical high-tier affiliate program that we’ve seen Vincent Ortega get involved within the past.

So with that said there is no compensation plan associated with Elevated Legacy.

This is a tools and training university program for people that want to earn money online.

It is out of character that this program does not have a compensation plan associated with this program but I have a feeling that after they launch they are going to have some type of referral program that will be implemented.

I will revisit this review, and share any new developments.

The only commissions that are being mentioned are the 20% share of the company for people that join during the pre-launch.

How Much Does Elevated Legacy University Cost To Join?

How Much Does Elevated Legacy Cost Review

Elevated Legacy University doesn’t have a price listed at the moment because it is in prelaunch but I am assuming it is going to be a few 100 to start just because of the past history that Ortega has.

Will it be worth it?

Only time will tell.

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Is Elevated Legacy University A Scam?

Is Elevated Legacy University A Scam

No, Elevated Legacy University is not a scam.

This is the reason why.

As of right now, this is not a program to earn commissions from the program itself with a type of compensation plan structure.

This is strictly a tools/software and training program designed to help you earn money online by promoting other offers and programs.

Despite some of the shady associations that he had in the past, Vincent Ortega does have a solid reputation and knows what he is doing.

He has a proven track record and in the higher tier of affiliates when it comes to the earnings that he has earned.

We will have to see if the software/products and training deliver what is promised after it launches.

My Final Elevated Legacy Review and Thoughts

With everything that I covered here today, you now have a great overview of what Elevated Legacy University offers so that you can make a great decision on whether or not this program is right for you.

Elevated Legacy University is not a scam.

We will have to wait and see the full functionality of the Elevated Legacy products/software after the launch.

We are going to also wait and see if they are going to offer a compensation plan.

I hope you enjoyed my Elevated Legacy University review, with the information I have on the company, the owner, the products/software, and the lack of the compensation plan.

Thank you.

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