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How to Earn Passive Income with Cryptocurrency?

Welcome to my article that will answer the question; How To Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency has been around for a few decades now, but it is only recently that people have started to take interest in this digital form of currency.

One of the reasons why cryptocurrency is so popular right now is because many people are able to earn passive income with it.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can start earning passive income with cryptocurrency and what qualifies as “passive.”

We will also cover some basic information about cryptocurrencies and give you an idea of where to invest your money!

What Is Passive Income With Cryptocurrency?

How To Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrency

Passive income is any type of recurring or residual income that a person can earn without having to work.

It differs from regular wages earned by someone who has to show up at an office every day, and it doesn’t rely on the individual’s time being employed in order for them to get paid.

The term “passive” stems from the idea that this form of earnings requires little effort on behalf of the recipient.

Most people are used to thinking about their paycheck as their only source of passive income, but with cryptocurrency, you have many options!

You can mine coins which means using your computer (or other computing power) and investing in products like GPUs or ASICs – both will help increase production over time; you could trade coins, which can involve many strategies; you could buy shares in a company – this is one of the less popular methods.

Benefits: Passive income offers advantages to employees since they are able to focus more on work that only needs mental effort and spending time with family or friends instead of working overtime hours for extra money.

It also benefits employers because it allows them to bring fresh perspectives into their business by hiring those who have interests outside traditional office walls.

For investors, there are tax breaks associated with passive investments like cryptocurrency mining as well!

Risks: One risk would be if an individual had gotten into cryptocurrencies at peak prices before beginning operations (mining or trading).

The value could drop quickly after production has already begun, but there are ways to hedge against this risk by using traditional trading techniques like stop-loss orders.

There is also a chance of hardware malfunction, which can be circumvented by having backup units and creating backup plans for different types of malfunctions that may happen.

Cryptocurrency Mining: In order to mine cryptocurrency you need equipment such as GPUs or specialized ASICs chipsets running 24 hours per day (in some cases) in order to generate profit from mining operations.

The graphics cards used in these systems cost money on their own before they even start generating revenue!

But the rewards can outweigh the risks over time if done correctly and with patience–especially when it comes to Bitcoin mining since its difficulty level rises every year so more efficient miners are essential to keep up.

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Types Of Passive Income With Cryptocurrency

The types of passive income with cryptocurrency generally range from mining, staking, and companies that offer a passive income service.


Cryptocurrency Mining

The way that mining cryptocurrencies work is through a series of cryptographic calculations.

It is also a process of verifying transactions and adding them to the public ledger, otherwise known as the blockchain (in which case you would add your newly mined coins on top).

These types of calculations are designed to ensure that the cryptocurrency network is secure and helps maintain its decentralization nature.

One of the most profitable ways of earning passive income with cryptocurrency is by mining or hosting masternodes if you’re able to invest more money into purchasing ASICs or dedicated GPUs than what it takes just for providing hardware such as CPUs, RAM, and hard drives/SSDs in order to buy video cards that cost $400-$500 each at least once every six months when they come out with newer models because this will help lower their total lifetime costs over time since they’ll be running 24/hours a day.

Masternoding is more of a complicated process, but there is a company that offers this service for people that I will cover later.


The pros of cryptocurrency mining include:

  • Decentralization nature.
  • You can earn passive income while you’re not online (you just need to turn on your mining rig, and it will start earning for you as long as the coins are mined or generated).


The cons of cryptocurrency mining include:

  • High initial investment, with a high barrier to entry.
  • Requires technical knowledge.

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Cryptocurrency Staking

In order for blockchains like Ethereum to work, they require an incentive mechanism so that people will collaborate in order to keep them alive.

The way staking works is by using your blockchain’s coins as collateral–if you own 20% or more of all ETH tokens, then you can participate in their Proof-of-Work consensus protocol which rewards miners with newly generated blocks on the Ethereum chain.

This reward comes at no cost other than locking up some funds while it stakes (which makes sense since this ensures fairness).

You also get rewarded if your stake creates a new block, and this is proportional to the number of coins you have.

You can also stake other cryptocurrencies like NEO or Tezos in order to generate a similar reward.

The major difference with staking these types of tokens is that there’s no need for an expensive computer rig setup; just owning enough of the coin will do!

Plus, since their consensus mechanisms are usually more energy-efficient than Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work (which requires mining), your electricity costs could be lower as well.

The pros of cryptocurrency staking include rewards for doing nothing other than holding tokens, and the ability to stake any cryptocurrency that has a staking mechanism.

The cons are mostly personal in nature: you need to have some sort of trust relationship with those behind the blockchain project or token economy (i.e., someone could theoretically take your money if they wanted).

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Companies That Offer Passive Cryptocurrency Income

Passive Income With Crypto

The things that you need to be aware of when finding a company that offers a service of passive cryptocurrency income are the revenue percentage, the fee for withdrawing and depositing funds into your bank account (these vary depending on the country you live in), and what cryptocurrency they offer.

To earn passive income with passive cryptocurrency companies, you need to be willing to invest a small-to-significant amount of capital upfront.

There are many companies that are scams and started just for the purpose of making money before shutting down when government regulators get after them.

This is why it is very important to do your research before joining any of them.

It’s also why I created Online Wealth Chronicles, so we can help spot the scams from legitimate

companies who have good track records in the industry and make sure that you feel safe while earning this form of income.

Passive cryptocurrency income service companies are a great way to earn passive income. You have to pay the company an upfront fee for them to do something for you, and they take care of it all on their own with little interaction from you.

One of my favorite passive cryptocurrency income services is called Yield Nodes that generate a profit using Masternoding which is one of the best forms of earning passive income that I mentioned above.

Check out my Yield Nodes review here.


  • One of the main pros of earning passive income with a company that offers to do it for you is the hands-off approach.
  • All that is required from you is your start-up capital to get started.
  • Seasoned professionals or an AI will do all the work in the background for you and all you have to do is watch your profit statistics.


  • There are many scam companies which makes it really hard to tell which ones are the good ones.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are many ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrency, but only certain ones offer a hands-off approach.

Some of these companies include Yield Nodes and Masternode Hosting who focus on this niche market for earning passive income with little interaction from you.

Those interested in making money while they sleep should definitely check out the company called Yield Nodes as it is one of my favorite services that I mentioned above.

It offers an excellent opportunity to earn profit without requiring much work on your part!

You can read more about how other people have been able to achieve success using their service by visiting a page that I put together that will explain how it works and will also give you stats and videos on past earning profits.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my article about how to earn passive income with cryptocurrency.

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