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Computer Instructors Review – Scam System Exposed!

Welcome to my Computer Instructors review.

Is Computer Instructors a scam?

Did you discover the Computer Instructors system to work from the home, and you wonder if it’s legitimate or a scam?

I just heard about this new website, so I decided to take a closer look and let me tell you, this is a system you need to avoid.

Also, it’s not a new idea at all!

I will take all the details in my honest review of the Computer Instructors marketing system program.

Computer Instructors Review

Teachers of computers working from home are not new at all.

The owners of this site have re-hashed this scam more than I can remember. Some recent examples that I can think of the website position of safe work.

Many of these websites work just like this, I recently exhibited Clone My Sites, which was another scam site that was a complete replica of another system launched a few months earlier.

Computer Instructors Review

As you can see you can earn in 5 minutes from the comfort of your home. This is a complete lie because it would take more than 5 minutes to watch their videos, sign up and actually implement what they are doing.

This is pure sales hype only to interest you, so you can enter your name and email address and progress in the video where you can potentially be sold by buying in their system.

Ace you can see on their website that they use a lot of hype to suck you up. Things like “immediate release” with the date automatically inserted in the page.

This date says whatever the day, it does not matter if you see this website in 3 months will be “immediate release” which in my opinion is not ethical and a tactic used by scammers.

Also, see “the part of the work from home has been highlighted”. This is also complete because they are well-known brands like Fox News and CNN simply because they know they will recognize them and probably do not control that they are approved.

The Computer Instructors website does not actually claim that they are approved by these big brands, however, at a glance, it seems that this is how it is exactly why they put them there.

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How do “Computer Instructors” work?

If you decide to go ahead and join the Computer Instructors website you need to pay a fee, of course, and watch a series of up-sell videos.

These are designed to extract as much money from your wallet as possible. The whole “Computer Instructors” business is just a sales pitch.

They have done this as a corner to lure you to join, but the reality is that there is no system or website of “Computer Instructors”. You’re just logging into the same system that has been redesigned a dozen times before.

The Truth About Computer Instructors Marketing System

What they will not tell you about their website is that the real goal is to push you in high ticket opportunities known as MOBE (aka Wi-Fi Millionaire system).

When you think that most of these scam websites that are super-powered are actually promoting this high-quality opportunity on the back end.

They create these websites that serve as front-end sales videos in which the goal is to get you into the MOBE ticket industry.

When you sign up for MOBE, you are engaged in a 21-step training program that teaches you about affiliate marketing, making money online, and how to run your own business.

You are also assigned to a coach who will work with you through the 21 steps.

You might think this is great, but the 21 steps actually contain more up-sell and the trainer is actually a salesperson.

Here’s the kicker…

If you end up buying the products on offer, you’ll spend more 5-digit digits!

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Is MOBE A Scam?

Here’s the thing…

In my opinion, MOBE is not really a scam in my opinion, but the FTC might see it differently.

I’ve been around for a few years, started by Matt Lloyd and many people have made a lot of money with them.

I know people who have generated millions in commissions with MOBE.

Furthermore, I actually follow Matt on social media and have posted on real events that have trained their members on things like investing and digital marketing.

So my opinion is that MOBE is not a scam, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

It is a “pay to play” program which means that if you are not willing to invest large sums of money to buy in your product line, then you will not be able to make money with them.

The whole “earn money” side of MOBE is that it becomes an affiliate of theirs or a licensee as they call it.

You can then promote the MOBE system and earn commissions, so you get paid to direct other people training and earning commissions in the region of 30-50%.

As I say is not necessarily a scam, but it will cost a lot of money and is not for everyone.

I was part of similar programs to MOBE where you had to buy in the product line to resell it, and personally, I have turned away because it is kind of BS when you really think about it.

You just have to create a culture of people who buy products, so they can not sell them and earn commissions instead of buying real products for the value that these products can give.

I’m sure there are many people who, and buy-in MOBE because they want information, but I’m pretty sure they’re buying it because they want to be able to earn resale commissions.

“Computer instructors” obviously does not tell you anything about this.

They just want to make super easy money-making when the reality is very different!

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Final Computer Instructors Review and Thoughts

IT trainers actually promote “legitimate” business opportunities, but does that mean I would never recommend it to you?

Absolutely not.

I do not care that business opportunities can be legitimate because the Computer Instructors website still deceives you into believing you can make money within 5 minutes and that will be very simple.

The honest truth is that you can “make money”, but if you do, it will take a relatively long time and a large investment of money.

Do not expect to join and earn money overnight, because it will never happen. See your income, and you’ve spent $1,000 just to get that position.

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