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BitCoBid Review: 8% Monthly ROI Scam Or Legit Money Maker?

Welcome to my BitcoBid review.

If you are looking for a solid way to earn passive cryptocurrency income, then BitCoBid might just be the opportunity for you!

There are many bad companies out there, I have personally reviewed over 100 of them, and I like to think I know what to look out for to avoid the losers.

Today, I am going to take a close look into the details of the BitCoBid company to see how it works, what they offer, how you get paid, the pros and cons, and if I think it is worth it to join based on what I find.

With that said, let’s dig in and get started.

BitCoBid Review: Overview

BitCoBid Review

Quick Summary: BitCoBid is a company that offers 1 investment plan that you can purchase that provides a 2% weekly ROI.

Additionally, they deal in cryptocurrency and regular payment using a 3rd party payment company called “PerfectMoney”.

Here is my quick overview of BitCoBid before we dig deeper into the details:

  • Program: BitCoBid
  • Type: Investment/Crypto
  • Program Owner: Unknown
  • Price for Promoters: $10 – $100,000
  • Money-Back Guarantee: None
  • Recommended?: No

The company attracts people that are interested in:

  • Investing
  • HYIPs
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Passive Income

While I can agree that the above bullet points are attractive, we have to first see if BitCoBid is really worth it.

Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons:

BitCoBid Pros

  • BitCoBid offers passive income.
  • They also offer weekly returns.
  • They have a promise that you will earn 2% ROI per week.
  • Getting started appears to be a simple process.

BitCoBid Cons

  • BitCoBid offers no information about who owns the company
  • There is no data on profit loss. No profit loss statements for investors to look at.
  • There is no proof or explanation on how they are generating profit with the investment plan they offer?!
  • The company website looks very outdated and not professional.

Scam Or Legit/Safe – Verdict

Is BitCoBid A Scam

If you are looking for a legitimate business, then I cannot say that BitCoBid is safe.

The information, or lack of it, that I found on the company, has me very concerned for anyone that joins.

There will be more of an in-depth BitCoBid review below.

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What is BitcoBid?

What Is BitCoBid

BitCoBid is a program where you can purchase the investment plan they offer to earn a promised ROI of 2% per week.

The company website does not go into details on what exactly the investment package offers.

Just by looking at the website, you wouldn’t know if they are earning a profit from trading, arbitrage, investing, or anything?

Company Details

If you are trying to find out who is the CEO or who owns the company, you are not going to find it using their company website.

I was also not able to find any information about the owner or CEO on the internet either?

The only mention of anyone that runs the company is on their FAQ page, where it mentions that a group of HYIP (high yield investment program) investment experts are managing all the funds.

This is kind of troubling to me, is it not?

When doing my typical domain name lookup, here is what I found:

  • The domain name “bitcobid.com” was registered on 1-16-2021
  • The domain name was registered privately

Since the domain name was registered privately, there was no name in the field where the listed owner is supposed to be.

This is all I found about the company, with that covered, let’s continue.

What Products/Services Does BitcoBid Offer?

In this section of my BitCoBid review, I am going to cover the products/services they offer.

BitCoBid offers 1 investment package.

This package that they offer claims that you will earn a weekly 2% per week.

They earn profit through an unknown strategy that is not listed on their company website.

This is all the product/service information that I found, so, with that covered, let’s continue.

How Do You Make Money With BitoBid?

BitCoBid Investment Plan

In this section of my BitCoBid review, I am going to cover the ways that you can make money with them.

There are only 2 ways that you can make money with BitCoBid, and they are:

  • Through the investment package they offer and…
  • Through their referral program

Getting Started and Investment Plans

As a free member after you enroll, you can earn only from your referrals that make an investment.

If you decide to invest and purchase the investment package, then you can earn from both the passive income side and from the referral program.

BitCoBid only offers 1 investment package.

Here are the details of that investment package:

  • Plan 1 – This investment package pays a 2% weekly ROI for 1 year.
  • Plan 1 will cost a minimum of $10 to get started.

Referral Program

BitCoBid Referral Program

The referral program is also quite simple.

BitCoBid offers only 1 level of compensation for the people that you refer.

What this means is that you will only earn from the personal referrals that have made an investment.

The amount that you will earn is 1% of the investment amount from your personally enrolled people.

What’s The Cost To Join?

BitCoBid Enrollment

The minimum cost to join BitCoBid is $10.

However, you can join for free to earn from the referral program they offer, but you will need to purchase the investment package to earn passively.

The maximum amount that you can invest is $100,000.

The ways that you can pay to purchase their investment plan is with a 3rd party payment processor called “Perfect Money” or with “Tether” TRC20, which is a cryptocurrency.

Conclusion: BitCoBid Review: 8% Monthly ROI Scam Or Legit Money Maker?

In the last section of my BitCoBid review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation on this company.

As you can read, I tried to cover BitCoBid in the most details that I was able to with the limited amount of information that was available online about it.

This included the lack of information that was found on their company website.

Because of the lack of information and the promised ROI profit they claim they can pay for a year, it has me concerned.

The main issues are that they are not transparent, the company doesn’t say how the profit is being generated, which is like saying to someone to just join on faith.

Faith is not something I would gamble on with this type of investment program.

Either way, here is the question…

Would I Recommend BitCoBid?

At this time, and with the information that I know about it, I cannot recommend it.

If you are looking for the companies that I recommend to make money with online, then click here.

I hope you enjoyed my BitCoBid review.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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Thank you for your support!

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