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What Is APLGO? Is It A Scam Or Legit MLM Program?

Welcome to my article on what is APLGO and to find out if it is a scam or a legit program based on the information we find on the company.

If you’re looking for an honest APLGO article to find out if the products and the opportunity are going to be the perfect home business for you, then you will want to read this article before you join.

There are many MLM companies out there, and we are going to see if APLGO stands out from the rest.

What is APLGO

We are also going to see if this is a legit company that doesn’t have the fear of getting shut down anytime soon.

With that said, let’s get started.

What Is APLGO?


APLGO is a network marketing company that offers health and wellness products for the niche they decided to build a company with.

The products are not your typical juice creams but take a little different angle which is a good thing.

APLGO actually started before they introduced MLM into their business model as an eCommerce company that was called Ageo.

Ageo started out in Russia before the name and business change.

Company Details

When Algeo turned into the MLM company now called APLGO, it was launched in 2017.

They have since launched a Florida office, which is located in the USA.

APLGO Owner President Founder

The president/founder of APLGO is Sergey Kulikov.

According to Sergey’s bio, he has been in the MLM industry for many years, along with creating educational products.

Olga Kulikova is the Creative Director for APLGO and is in charge of APL Planet, which is the company’s magazine they offer.

Overall, the company information that I was able to find was very transparent and shows the owner and management team are passionate about their company.

With the company information covered, let’s continue.

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What Products Does APLGO Offer?

In this section of my APLGO article, we are going to take a look at the products that they offer.

There are 2 types of products that APLGO offers, and they are:

  • Acumullit SA Lozenges – Health and wellness line of products.
  • Beauty Products – Beauty line of products.

Acumullit SA Lozenges

Here is a quote about the technology their lozenges offers:

The Acumullit SA technology allows the beneficial properties of the whole food botanical ingredients to be preserved and enhanced. A state-of-the-art extraction process triggers the activation of the botanical compounds so that nanoparticles of the active compounds can be isolated without other substances in the plant. This causes a thinning of the cellular membranes of the fruits, herbs, and seeds, and a release of the botanical components like micro and macro elements, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, and organic acids, making them more bioavailable. The isolated particles are forming negatively charged nano-elements, creating an activated mix of highly absorbable nutrients. The activated mix of preserved and enhanced whole-food plant extracts is then added to a caramel mass, from which the lozenge drops are made.


Here is an image of the lozenges they offer:

APLGO Acumullit SA Products

The Acumullit SA lozenges range from lozenges that help you relax, to help reduce fatigue.

They also come in a variety of flavors.

APLGO Beauty

Here is a quote about the products they have on their company wellness page:

Our cosmetic scientists have been working on this formula for years to make it extremely smart. It supports maintaining healthy and radiant skin during the natural stages of aging by using high-performance, natural active compounds.
Additionally, it contains only safe ingredients.


Here is an image of the Beauty products they offer:

APLGO Beauty Products

APLGO Beauty products range from haircare, skincare, and specialty creams.

I am also going to add that I have run across many good to great reviews about their products online, which is always a good thing to see with a company’s products.

That is all there is about the products they offer, with that covered, let’s continue.

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How Can You Make Money With The APLGO Referral Compensation Plan?

APLGO Compensation Plan

In this section of my APLGO article, I am going to cover how their referral compensation plan works.

The way to make or earn money with the APLGO referral program is by becoming an affiliate member with APLGO then selling the APLGO products and building a downline MLM team.

The compensation plan that APLGO uses to pay and track your commissions is the unilevel compensation plan.

The unilevel compensation plan, for those that are not aware, is structured like this:

The first level will only have your personally referred members on it.

  • The second level will only have your team members that your 1st level members personally referred to it.
  • The third level will only have your team members that your 2nd level members personally referred to it.
  • and so on…

Getting Started As An Affiliate

When you want to start as an affiliate member to earn commissions, you need to purchase one of the Go-Kits that APLGO offers.

Depending on the Go-Kit that you choose, will depend on the amount that you can earn starting out and also qualify to earn additional bonuses.

Additionally, the difference in Go-Kits, you will get more products and more of a variety of products in your kit.

The cost will range from $100 to $3000 for your Go-Kit with an additional $25 fee.

APLGO Compensation Plan Details

Here is a quick breakdown of the compensation plan details that APLGO provides for their affiliate members.

The main aspect of any MLM compensation plan is to pay attention to rank qualifications.

The higher the rank that you can qualify for will mean the more commissions you can earn through higher fast starts and any additional bonuses.

Here is what APLGO offers in its compensation plan:

  • Retail Commissions
  • Front-End Commissions
  • Residual Commissions
  • Matching Bonus Commissions
  • Leadership Bonus Commissions
  • Manager Bonus Commissions
  • Luxury Bonus

Here is a video breakdown of how the APLGO compensation plan works in detail from one of their members:

With that compensation plan covered, let’s continue to the next section.


In this section of my APLGO article, I am going to share the pros of the company.

  • APLGO has a great management team with experience.
  • They have a great presentation for their products and opportunity.
  • They offer additional marketing through their Magazine called APL Planet.
  • The company website is very transparent.
  • They offer a great multi-level compensation plan.
  • They offer some very good products in the health and wellness niche and also the Beauty niche.
  • APLGO offers products for customers only at retail cost and for their affiliate members at wholesale cost.


In this section of my APLGO article, I am going to share the cons of the company.

There are not too many cons that I found about the company, so I am just really nit-picking at this point.

  • APLGO only offers 2 product lines (health/wellness and beauty)
  • I don’t think they approve of members directly advertising the opportunity on the internet.
  • The MLM compensation plan slides appear to focus on recruiting affiliate members rather than a mix of gathering customers and affiliate referrals, which can cause issues with regulators (but I am no lawyer, so this is my opinion).

For any MLM company, regulators need to see a mix of regular customers and affiliate members to not bother the MLM company.

What’s The Cost To Join APLGO As An Affiliate Member?

The cost to join APLGO as an affiliate member ranges from $100 to $3,000, plus a $25 getting started fee.

The difference in the cost is the amount and variety of products you receive in your getting started referral Go-kit, and also the volume in the compensation plan when starting.

Is APLGO Safe?

Is APLGO A Scam or Legit

In my opinion, I do think that APLGO is a safe MLM company to join and make money from home with.

I also think they will be around for a long time based on the information that I found about the business model they use.

They have a lot of passion, and they also put a lot of time into the presentation of their company, which says a lot!

But make sure to stick around until the last section to get my final thoughts and recommendation of APLGO.

Conclusion: What Is APLGO? Is it a Scam or Legit MLM Program?

In the final section of my APLGO article, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation about the company.

As far as what you have read about APLGO, what do you think about it this far?

I have covered mostly all the aspects of APLGO and you should have a much better understanding of the opportunity they can provide you if you are thinking about joining.

But here are my thoughts…

Do I Recommend The APLGO Opportunity?

I would recommend this company as far as being a safe and long-lasting MLM company.

However, I do think there are better opportunities out there that I have on my recommended companies list.

I do think they have a great product line with the lozenges they offer combined with the Beauty line.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my article on the topic, “What Is APLGO, Is it A Scam?”.

If you have any questions about my article or about the company, leave them below in the comment section.

Also, before you go, please click on the social share buttons to share this article with others to help support this website.

Thank you for your support!

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