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About Us


Hi, I’m Frank, and I’ve been generating income online for over 20 years.

I first started out by earning commissions through MLM and Network Marketing and was able to build teams in the thousands in many MLM companies.

Some of the income that I generated through MLM and Network Marketing was investing in crypto in the first years it came out around 2012.

Through investing in crypto, I was able to earn a 7-figure income through crypto, Network Marketing, and affiliate marketing.

I started to generate income through affiliate marketing back in 2015 and promoted several affiliate programs and affiliate products through blogging.

The blogs that I created were simple and were all about selling without any content to help people.

I decided to change a few years ago by adding a ton of helpful content that is jammed packed with my 20 years of experience in MLM, Network Marketing, Crypto, and affiliate marketing.

My experience not only includes Network Marketing and affiliate marketing but also staking, trading, short and long-term trades, and investing in stocks.

I now have several income strategies that generate passive income.

I created onlinewealthchronicles.com to provide all of my years of experience to provide helpful content on a variety of topics that will help people make money online.

My articles will hopefully answer all of the questions you have on the topics you searched for, but, if there are questions you still have, make sure to reach out to me and my team by leaving your questions at the bottom of my articles on my website for the fastest response.

I hope you enjoy my website as much as I had fun creating it!

Thanks for the support!