What Is 5 Billion Sales? Is It A Total Scam Or A Legit Program?

If you’re looking for a great article that will explain what is 5 Billion Sales, then this is it!

There is a new’ish affiliate program that is getting people excited with the promotion and marketing campaigns on social media.

Right now, 5 Billion Sales is in pre-launch, and is promoting the launch to get people positioned early so that you can start earning money as soon as it launches.

What Is 5 Billion Sales

Now, this is the typical marketing strategy for a pre-launch, and it does work extremely well when done right.

If you want to keep the business prosperous, they better have great products and keep the excitement going after the launch.

Today, with the limited information we have about the 5 Billion Sales company, I am going to share all the details about the opportunity up to this point.

With that said, let’s get started.

5 Billion Sales – Overview

  1. Program: 5 Billion Sales
  2. Type: MLM, Internet Marketing
  3. Program Owner: Unknown
  4. Price: Free – $100
  5. Payment/Withdrawal Methods:  Card Payment/Unknown
  6. Money-Back Guarantee: Unknown
  7. Recommended?: Not at this time

Quick Summary: 5 Billion Sales is an online MLM program that offers people the ability to earn money with their multi-leveled referral program by selling the opportunity of what the company offers.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer much information about all the products/services they offer right now before you join, which is a strange way to drum up excitement for the company, in my opinion.

This company attracts people that are interested in:

  • Pre-Launches
  • Work From Home Programs
  • MLM

While I can agree that all the aspects that I listed above can be attractive to many people, we still have to do our research before diving into anything that we are going to invest in, whether it is our time or money.

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons…

5 Billion Sales PROS

Here are some of the pros:

  • 5BillionSales is in pre-launch which is always exciting
  • You have the ability to earn money from home.
  • You can earn commissions from people in your downline that you didn’t refer to the company.

5 Billion Sales CONS

Here are some of the cons:

  • The owner is unknown
  • There is no information about the main products.
  • They want you to join before knowing what you are getting.

Scam Or Legit/Safe? – Verdict

Is 5BillionSales A Scam or Legit

If you are looking for a legitimate business, then I cannot say that 5 Billion Sales is a scam or legit at this time.

The 2 main issues that I have with them are there is no information about the owner, and the company is not revealing information about what their product is before they want you to pay is another issue for me.

The second issue is that I was not able to find any proof that the company is actually doing any cryptocurrency trading to generate enough profit to sustain the 2.8% daily return they promise.

But like you, I can’t see into the future, so I can’t say that it is a scam, but if you do decide to join, I would just say…

5 Billion Sales appears to be a medium-risk opportunity because of the issues that were found at this time.

I’ve included much more information about 5BillionSales below in the following sections of my article.

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What Is 5 Billion Sales?

What Is 5 Billion Sales

5 Billion Sales is an internet marketing program that offers a money-making opportunity through the services and the MLM compensation plan they offer.

Below, I have included the 5 Billion Sales video, which is the promotional video they have on their company website at this time.

This video was completely created by the company and is biased, but it will give you a feel of what the company offers, which doesn’t really offer many details.

Company Details

When it comes to who is running the company, there is no information that I was able to find on the company website.

I am sure they have some underground webinars that are taking place that will cover who the owner is, (hopefully), and at that time, I can come back here to give you this information.

The company is running from or at least registered in the UK with one of the shared addresses that most digital companies use now.

The domain name offered no details about the registered owner of the URL, with this:

  • The domain name “5billionsales.com” was last registered on 10-29-2021
  • The domain name was registered privately, which means the ownership was blank.

As of right now, this is all the information that I have about the company, so with that said, let’s continue.

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How Does 5 Billion Sales Work?

In this section of my 5 Billion Sales article, I am going to explain how the company works.

The company offers an affiliate membership with the opportunity to make money through promoting 5BillionSales with your unique referral link.

5BillionSales appears to be an affiliate program at first glance, but due to the compensation plan they offer, it is in fact an MLM opportunity.

I will get into detail about the compensation plan in the next section.

As of right now, the company is in pre-launch and is set to launch on 12-21-2021.

You can now join and create a free account with a registration form that wants your zip code along with your phone number, which is really not normal unless they are phishing to market to you later on.

This is just my opinion, but why would they need that information when 90% of the other programs don’t ask for it?

Either way, once you are a member and in your back office, you can find your unique referral link.

You can use your unique referral link to market online and offline to bring new members into the pre-launch, so they can promote the pre-launch with you and help you build your downline team.

The bigger your free team is when the company finally launches, the higher the chance of some of your team upgrading to a paid member, which will mean more money you will earn.

This is the concept of a pre-launch because you know not everyone will upgrade, so if you think your little team of 5 will make you a ton of money, don’t count on it!

Unless they are all proven, and big leaders that are actually promoting seriously of course…

Then, at the time of launch, everyone is going to hope there will be no software glitches or any issues that come up, so people can start paying, and your commissions will be posted on time, which usually never happens with a new company.

It is said that the cost to join 5 Billion Sales will be $100 or $199 to qualify to earn commissions.

The products you will get for your membership are, to my understanding, all digital, so there will be nothing shipped out.

After the company launches, you will want to also hope that the company will have exciting promotional webinars and sales videos to help you continue to recruit people into the now paid program.

If the company is not going to provide this, then it will be all on you unless you find someone that is doing it for their team, in which case, you are branding them as a leader and not yourself with them grabbing some of your sign-ups by sheer marketing attraction.

Either way, this is the way 5BillionSales will work.

How Do You Make Money With 5 Billion Sales?

5 Billion Sales Compensation Plan

In this section of my 5 Billion Sales article, I am going to cover how the compensation plan works.

The compensation plan that 5BillionSales uses is called the unilevel compensation plan.

The plan is structured in a linear way, which is very easy to understand.

  • The first level of your unilevel will only have your personally referred members on it.
  • The second level of your unilevel will only have people that your personally referred members personally referred on it…
  • The 3rd level of your unilevel will only have people on it that your level 2 people personally referred to it.
  • and so on…

All the people that are located in your unilevel structure will have the ability to pay you from their membership fees.

5BillionSales offers their members “Services” which are what make you money as a referring member.

When your referrals and downline pay for these services, you will earn from those payments.

You will not earn the full amount of the sale, just a percentage of the sale.

I also believe that you will have to purchase each “Service” to qualify to earn commissions for that service when your downline members purchase that service.

Ok, now here is where it gets unclear what “Services” you are paying for because of the limited information that I have about it at this time.

However, I do have some figures that I can share with you now.

Service 1

The first service they provide will cost $100 per year.

I’m not sure what the service is because they will not disclose that information until they launch.

However, here are the details about the $100 per year commissions you can earn.

This service is attached to a 16-level unilevel compensation plan.

Apparently, each person on your unilevel team down to 16 levels will pay you $5 per year for their yearly membership.

You can have an infinite number of personal members on your level 1, infinite members across on your 2nd level, and so on.

At this time, there is no information about any cap on commissions, overrides, matching bonuses, commission bonuses, etc.

Service 2

Again, there is no mention of what exactly the service will be that you will be paying for to qualify for the “Service 2” product.

The cost for Service 2 is unknown at this time, but it will obviously be a higher cost.

However, 5 Billion Sales offer the same 16-level unilevel compensation plan that Service 1 will offer.

It will work in the same way, but this time, you will earn $10 per person per level that has paid for the second service.

I believe you will have to pay for this service to also earn commissions from members that pay for this service too.

I also believe that service 2 will have several payment level offers or “tiers” which will offer higher commission levels.

I just don’t know at this time, but I will come back to update you!


It is also said that 5 Billion Sales will offer “Service 2” qualified members profit shares of between $10 to $200 which will be paid to the members that qualify for these profit shares.

It is unknown at this time how you can qualify for the profit share at this time.

Also, some of the details I found out there are vague and confusing, so I will definitely have to update this article at a later date AFTER they launch.

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What Are The Services Offered?

5 Billion Sales Products Services

At this point, there is not a lot of information that anyone has at this time, but here is what I can tell you.

It is said… and this is through some sources that I am not sure how reliable they are, but one of the services is supposed to take some control of some of your social media accounts to automatically post and promote for you with pre-written ads and images.

I don’t know about you, but I would create throw-away social accounts and would not give access to my personal or branded accounts to any new service that is not yet proven!

With the compensation plan details and services covered, let’s continue.

Is 5 Billion Sales Going To Be Safe To Promote?

I think 5BillionSales will be safe to promote, but I am almost 100% sure that when they launch they will have some type of issues that will involve technical, or clerical.

This is because it ALWAYS happens with new startup companies in the MLM or affiliate network niche in my experience.

Some companies go through a short period of these issues and get them ironed out quickly, but others never recover.

Additionally, some of the marketing messaging that 5 Billion Sales uses is concerned with how the internet police are now.

You can’t make huge promises or hype up your opportunity too much without putting out visible and clear disclaimers.

Also, the company has not even launched, so I can’t share my opinion about the safety of the company at this time to be fair to them.

What’s The Cost Going To Be To Join 5BillionSales?

There are a few conflicting statements that people have online, but I still haven’t found any concrete facts about what the cost to join is going to be.

I created this article in the belief that it will have to cost you something to become a member because a company can simply not pay you when there are zero sales being made.

Some people online are saying that 5 Billion Sales will be free to join, while others are saying it will be $100 to qualify you to earn commissions.

I am going to go with the second assumption, just based on common sense.

Maybe some are saying it is free to join because it is in pre-launch, and it doesn’t cost to register, but that would be very misleading without mentioning the cost at launch.

Either way, with that, let’s finish up.

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Conclusion: What Is 5 Billion Sales? Is It A Scam?

In the last section of my 5 Billion Sales article, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation about them at this time.

There you have it, it is not yet a complete article at this time, but I will make sure to come back to fill in the blanks for you as I can get more information about 5BillionSales.

I’m not sure why they have such a lockdown on the information that want to put out before they launch.

It doesn’t really make sense to me.

If you expect me to promote a company like a crazy man for a pre-launch, I need to know what I am going to put my time, money, and effort into before even considering it.

Well, I guess they have a plan, and they are sticking to it.

So, here is where I stand…

Would I Recommend 5 Billion Sales?

With the lack of information that anyone knows about it at this time, I couldn’t recommend it.

Why would I recommend something that I have no clue what it is about?

Yeah, it’s free to join right now, but is it going to be free later?

If it is free, how do they expect to pay out commissions for a free service or product?

Common sense leans towards caution on this one for me.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed my article that explains what 5 Billion Sales is and if it is a scam or legit.

If you have any input about the company, please leave a comment down below.

Also, before you leave, please share my content by clicking on the social share buttons below to help support this website.

Thank you!

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